Friday, October 16, 2009

Oct 15 Day Meeting- Kathy Harte lecture

Kathy Harte gave a very informative talk today on what it takes to select a venue,get a contract, get ready for a show, & if you should want to,pricing & selling your works. She did a great job, & Judy Wedemeyer also helped talk about the process.
For Show & tell today, Rena Brinker showed the Crossword puzzel quilt that she made for her husband Hank, for his 50th birthday. She machine embroidered each letter on to different prints. She used hat fabric for H, & key printed fabric for K, and so on. She accented with a touch of red with a heart & the letters LOVE. The quilt was machine quilted in a black to white verigated thread, & pictures of things like clams, fish, a crab, Hank on his boat & his snow machine, & a few naked ladies, done by Deb Hardman on her Longarm.
Sandy Winfree was given this old quilt top by her mom, who got it from her own mother, & it was made by Sandy's great-grandmother. Together for the past 2 months, Sandy & her mom have finished it for Sandy. They tied it in keeping with the age of the top.
The edges of the hexagons are faced & are loose from the top.
Magie Plunket said she has 4 babies on the way, & this is one of 4 quilts she's making for them.

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