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Minutes for ALCQ Business Meeting April 2, 2009

Anchorage Log Cabin Quilters, Inc.

ALCQ Business Meeting

April 2, 2009

Call to Order: 10:30 am. President Pam Harris presiding.
Minutes from the meeting of March 5, 2009 as published in the
newsletter were approved without changes.
Treasurer’s Report: Betty Bivins presented the March report. A
copy is on file with the Secretary’s Board Minutes.
Old Business: 4th Thursday: Pam Harris announced that
the Board approved rental of the church space at the usual meeting
rental fee through September. Time – 10:30 to 2:00 pm. The purpose
of the added meeting time is to allow members to pursue any quilting-
related activity they prefer, either individually or in concert with
other members. Linda Postlethwait said that there has been some
interest in getting together members interested in crazy quilting and
that might be a new topic for the open-sew time.
New Business:
Secretary: Bernadette Frischorn resigned her position as Secretary.
Darlene Appel volunteered to serve in that position through September
2009 when the next election of officers will be held. Kay Fiero
moved to approve Darlene as Secretary. Passed.
Thank you to Bernadette for her time and energy while serving as
Missouri Guild: Pam Harris received a request from the Log Cabin
Quilters of Harrisonville, Missouri. This group is interested in
forming some kind of an alliance with our guild, such as some joint
projects or exchanges. Ideas suggested were: exchange newsletters,
exchange artist’s trading cards, and sending them a DVD of photos
from our small quilt auction. Pat Schroder volunteered to
investigate it further.
Committee Reports:
Comfort Quilt Committee: Rena Brinker reminded members of the next
comfort quilt work session on April 30 from 10:30 to 2:00 pm. Lunch
will be provided. Linda Postlethwait thanked the committee for
reporting in the newsletter the names of the organizations that
recently received comfort quilts.
Retreat: Harmony Moser encouraged members to complete their retreat
registration so as to reach 25 and secure the reduced facility rate.
Famous Quilter: Mary Gerken said Gail Garber will give a free
lecture at Central Luthern Church on May 7 from 7 to 10 pm. Members
are asked to bring cookies. Various ways to get more publicity about
the lecture were discussed. Mary Gerken said she plans to host a
dinner party so members will have an opportunity to meet Gail. Gail
may have some items for sale at the lecture and the dinner party.
The list of people signing up for the Friday class was misplaced, so
Mary asked those people to sign up again. The Sunday class will end
at 3:30 pm (not 4:30 as previously stated) due to facility
scheduling. Harriet Shaftel expressed the need to bridge the gap
between quilts and art.
Raffle: Linda Postlethwait said the raffle quilt is almost
complete. Ruthe Rasmussen is doing the binding, and Winnie LaVare is
making a label.
Small Quilt Auction: Irene Stewart gave a plug for members
to contribute a quilt. She will have a Power Point presentation of
last year’s donations as the program for the April 23 meeting.
Announcements: In the April newsletter there was a listing of
previous ALCQ Quilt Show Featured Quilters. Harmony Moser noticed
that among the list of Charter Members who exhibited in 2005, Lynne
Wince’s name was omitted. Apologies for this oversight.
Adjournment: There being no further business, Irene Stewart moved to
adjourn. Passed.
Following the meeting, cake (donated by Darlene Appel) was served,
and many members with April birthdays were honored and
related interesting stories about how they came to be Alaskans.
Respectfully submitted, Darlene Appel, Secretary

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