Tuesday, April 21, 2009

From the Sew Fine Quilters

Here are three shots of the group quilt. The pattern is Cobblestones, its great for a group, as the block is quite simple. If you want more project description:
This was planned by the Sew Fine Quilters, as a ‘Thank-You’ fund raiser for the Church where we regularly meet. Everyone agreed to make about six blocks, to combine. Some of the fun that ensued: One participant thought there was a specification for all blue blocks, another ‘remembered’ that they should be monochromatic. Everyone brought at least six, blocks; some as many as 12, so the double size became king size. Everyone assisted with arranging the block placement. The arranging was completed, and sewing partially completed at one meeting, with several members taking the rest home to complete. The backing was donated. An expert long-arm quilter in Fairbanks, Carol Mc Conahy of Icy Swan Quilting, agreed to donate the quilting, with the Sew Fines bearing only cost of the batting and postage. The quilting pattern is overall feathers. The quilt was auctioned, and raised a very significant donation for the church.
If you’d like more info, just send me a note.
Thanks for your interest!

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