2017 Great Alaska Quilt Show Photos

Below are photos taken at the 2017 Great Alaska Quilt Show, including the Small Quilt Auction, guild small groups, service projects and other guild activities, and the Featured Quilters displays.

The Calendar Girls is one of the sub-groups in the guild. This group is interested in making art quilts and produces a calendar based on a theme. The 2017 theme was Music.

The Education Committee arranges for informal classes by guild members, as well as formal classes taught by professional teachers.

Kept in Stitches is another sub-group of guild members. They enjoy learning a variety of new techniques.

Membership dues help pay for the guild's newsletter.

Raffle quilt proceeds help support the guild's educational programs.

The Small Quilt Silent Auction sells quilts made by guild members. Proceeds  help support the guild's service projects and educational programs.

Small Quilt Silent Auction
Small Quilt Silent Auction

Small Quilt Silent Auction

Small Quilt Silent Auction

The Teddy Bear Tea is one of the guild's service projects. These stuffed animals and their accompanying small quilts will be donated to various social service agencies in Anchorage at a tea held in April.
For the 2017 quilt show, 5 charter members who are still living in Anchorage and remain members of the guild were selected as the Featured Quilters. Biographical information about each of these quilters can be found on the separate Featured Quilters page in this blog.

Doris Rhodes

Quilt made by Doris Rhodes

Quilts made by Louise Bremner

Quilt made by Louise Bremner

Lynne Wince (on left)

Quilts made by Lynne Wince

Pat Sims

Quilts made by Pat Sims

Quilts made by Pat Sims

Ramona Chinn

Quilts made by Ramona Chinn

Quilt made by Ramona Chinn

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