2017 Great Alaska Quilt Show Large, Medium, and Small Quilts

The following photos show the quilts exhibited at the 2017 Great Alaska Quilt Show.

Large Quilts

Age of Aquarius

By Linda Postlethwait

This quilt fulfills my desire to make a red and white quilt. I particularly like the optical illusion created by the kaleidoscopic red and white squares. The original "Vortex" pattern was made around 1910 by an unknown person in New Jersey. A quilt pattern was recreated by Paula Yates. The needle-turn appliqué technique was used to apply the red butterflies and scroll shapes in the corners. The quilt was quilted on a domestic sewing machine.

Geometric Trees

ALCQ Comfort Quilts

Design by Diana Bradley.
Solstice Sampler

By Veronica Haberthuer

Hand appliquéd, machine pieced, domestic machine quilted in sections, then sewn together. Pat Sloan led a challenge that went from winter to spring solstice with a new block each week. This is my version of it. (I added a few blocks, designed the chocolate lily).

One-Patch Scrap

By Veronica Haberthuer

I used up my scraps arranging the half-square triangles in a pattern of lights and darks. It was started years ago, put away, and finished last year. Hand quilted.

The Last One

By Rosemary Slisz
Quilted by Sue Sabrowski

The name says it all. This is the last "Buck A Block" from Dina's Cozy Cabin Quilt Shop in Eagle River. My friends and I enjoyed our monthly trips to Dina's for many years. Designed by Mary B. Hayes.

Wedding Ring and Flowers

People's Choice Award for Large Quilts

By Jane Ferguson
Quilted by JoAnn Gruber

Paper pieced with hand appliquéd flowers, vines and leaves. Custom machine quilted. Designed by Judy Niemeyer.

Star Dust

By Nancy Freeborn
Quilted by Jonni Myrick

A class I took in Valdez - machine pieced. Designed by Brenda Clyde "Stitches From Heaven".


By Jerry Cole
Quilted by Enjoli Strait

"Infinitude" - a Moda Modern Block Sampler quilt. This quilt is so aptly named "Infinitude" simply because it took so long to make, and I really didn't think I would ever finish it. This quilt is machine pieced and wonderfully custom quilted by Doodle Quilting Studio (Enjoli Strait).

A Perfect Suit

By Sandra Dozzo
Quilted by Darlene Glidewell

The quilt, "The Perfect Suit", was inspired by my mom and a lovely suit she wore to my nephew's wedding many years ago. When I pulled these fabrics out to audition for my next project, I remembered how lovely she looked on that day and how happy she was in her pink suit with her black and gray purse.


By Marge Seidler
Quilted by Darlene Glidewell

Quilt Of Valor

By Marge Seidler
Quilted by Darlene Glidewell

Curve It Up

By Mary Huey
Quilted by Peg Tuott - It's A Stitch

A friend made this pattern as a block of the month. She traveled to Alaska from Michigan to teach me the curved piecing. It was a fun challenge! Machine pieced and quilted. Designed by Jenny Pedigo, Helen Robinson of Sew Kind of Wonderful.

Antique Yellow Hand Pieced

By Ruthe Rasmussen

The name of the person who hand pieced this quilt is unknown. The pattern name is also unknown. However, I was lucky enough to have it gifted to me. I added the striped border to stabilize/strengthen it and machine quilted with a simple all over pattern to help hold it all together.

Scrappy Stars

By Marilyn Galbraith
Quilted by Linda Weaver

My "Scrappy Stars" quilt was started several years ago. I used fabric I had and added a few others. I didn't like the quilt at first - thought it was too scrappy. I added borders and like the colors and quilt.

Pennsylvania Amish

By Jacky Strong

Brought home a fat quarter stack from a trip to Philadelphia and Lancaster county. Beautiful place! Thank you to Seams Like Home for the rental of the Bernina Q24 longarm. Designed by Jacky Strong using the Missouri Star Quilt Co. Disappearing Hourglass block.

Lavender Blue

By Jacky Strong

Quiltville's Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt. It was great fun to do. All fabric came from my scrap stash. Thank you to Seams Like Home for the rental of the Bernina Q24 longarm.

1992 Finished

By Jacky Strong

Blast to the past. The blocks were done and signed in 1992. Thank you to Seams Like Home for the rental of the Bernina Q24 longarm.

Mom's Dresden Plate

By George Taylor
Quilted by Julie Lucht

Mom pieced the plates on Grandma Taylor's treadle machine c1948 - 1950, Rigby, Idaho, before we came to Alaska in 1952. I got around to finishing the top this spring. The appliqué I did on my Sashiko machine. Julie Lucht machine quilted it. We wanted a 1950's look. 67 years to make. Designed by Pauline Taylor and George Taylor.

Dresden Plate

By George Taylor
Quilted by Julie Lucht

Dresden Plates hand pieced by Bobbie Hover c1948 Lyon's Peak, California. Design and appliqué by Irene Hall c1959 - 1960 El Cajon, California. I received it c1990 and finished it in 2015. Julie Lucht machine quilted it this spring. We went for a 1960's look. 59 years to make.

Monkey Wrench

By George Taylor
Quilted by JoAnn Gruber

I machine pieced in 1976 and started to hand quilt it. Got put away because I moved, and it sat around for years. Got looked at once in awhile, then one day I took out all the hand quilting. Got reworked and JoAnn Gruber machine quilted it for me. Finished this summer. 41 years to make.
One Path Together

By Pam Bickford
Quilted by Rose Edgron

This quilt was constructed as per the bride's requested colors and design. The design is an adaptation of Jinny Beyer's "Tesselations".
Medium Quilts


By Linda Postlethwait

This quilt is made mostly out of men's shirts. A few commercial fabrics were used to complete the required number of squares and folded hexagons. The folded hexagons are hand sewn to the quilts. The circles around the hexagons are hand embroidered. The quilt was inspired by Julia Wood's "Engineer's Life" pattern. The quilt is machine and hand quilted.

100% Rebel

ALCQ Comfort Quilts

Black & White & Lime Green All Over

ALCQ Comfort Quilts

Friendly Felines

ALCQ Comfort Quilts

French Braid

By Chris Matiukas
Quilted by Val Woods

I had always wanted to make a French Braid. I found they are quite simple to construct, but choosing the fabrics was a challenge. Some large print fabrics, once cut into strips, had different values and were hard to place in the color run.

A Mystery in Valdez

By Glenda Burk

"A Mystery in Valdez" was made in a class at the Valdez Quilt Festival in 2016. I like the secondary pattern on this quilt, but as with all great mysteries, I wish I had known the ending first, as I would have used the fabric differently. This quilt is done with thanks to the "Quilting Fairies" who were at the Festival with me, as they read the directions ahead of time and helped by getting me organized in quick order before the class started.

Amish Stars

By Glenda Burk
Quilted by Ruth Simpson

"Amish Stars" was made as part of the Valley Guild Block of the Month Challenge. The blocks are chosen a year in advance, and each member of the Education Committee makes a block for a specific month, as well as a quilt with that block.  The blocks and quilts are shown to the guild at the December meeting before the next year's challenge begins.  This quilt was custom quilted by Ruth Simpson.

Baskets of Birds

By Mary P. Lee

As I am trying to only use fabrics from my stash, this pattern from the Nov/Dec Fons & Porterworked well. Design by Jackie Robinson.


By Mary P. Lee

This quilt is to replace an orange Quilt Of Valor that was given to a friend.

Stan's QOV

By Rosemary Slisz
Quilted by Julie Lucht

This Quilt Of Valor will be presented to my brother Stanley Musial for his service to our country. Stan spent a year in Vietnam, in the infantry, carrying a radio. Designed by Cozy Quilt Designs.

Puffin Runway

People's Choice Winner for Medium Quilts

By Linda Postlethwait

This quilt has elements that I relate to the five "featured quilters": Ramona Chinn - Puffin pattern, Lynne Wince - traditional prairie points, Doris Rhodes - the story telling aspects, Pat Simms - fabric selection and whimsical design and Louise Bremner - needle turn appliqué. The quilt is machine quilted.

"Welcome Home" QOV

By Kay Baehr
Quilted by Katy Neher

This is a Quilt Of Valor for my husband, Ken. He preferred colors that reminded him of a sunrise or sunset, rather than red, white and blue. He loves his "nap" quilt. Inspired by a "Flying Geese" quilt from Diana Bradley. Designed by Carolyn Beam "Goose On the Loose".

"Thank You For Your Service" QOV

By Kay Baehr
Quilted By Katy Neher

I made this QOV for my stepdaughter, Sheri, who recently completed 22 years in the Air Force Reserves. I liked the more subdued red, white and blue fabrics. Pattern is "Sunshine and Shadow" by Blanche Young from Tradition with a Twist.


By Robyn Maas
Quilted By Katy Neher

Black center blocks are used for symmetry - the rest of the "pineapple" blocks are made using random scraps of left over fabrics.

2017 Stitch to Win Community Quilt

By Anchorage Community
Quilted by Jean Van Gunten

At the 2016 Great Alaska Quilt Show, the community was invited to take a bag of fabric and create a quilt block. In 2017 the ALCQ Night Group designed and stitched together the top with 144 blocks submitted by the Anchorage Community. This unique quilt was given to the winner announced at the show.

Dresden Coins

By Peggy Brewer
Quilted by JoAnn Gruber

This quilt is made from a pattern that I saw on the Missouri Star Quilt Company website.  This quilt was made in Hamilton, Missouri, the home of MSQC, with two of my dear friends.

Storm's A Coming

By Peggy Brewer
Quilted by Jonni Myrick

This beautiful quilt is a mystery from the 2016 Valdez Quilt Festival. Designed by Jennifer Fleming.

Lilies In the Valley

By Peggy Brewer
Quilted by Katy Neher

This quilt is made from a book called Not Your Grandmother's Log Cabin. I began this quilt in 2014 and completed it in 2017. Designed by Marci Baker.

Storm's A  Coming to Port Valdez

By Nancy Freeborn
Quilted by Jonni Myrick

2016 Valdez Mystery Quilt. Designed by Jennifer Fleming.

"Na Kai O Kaua'I", The Waters of Kaua'i

By Nancy Freeborn
Quilted by Jonni Myrick

Machine pieced with added blocks I picked up in Hawaii. Designed by Leanne Clare.

2014 Valdez Mystery

By Jerry Cole
Quilted by Jonni Myrick

A result of the 2014 Valdez, AK, Quilt Festival mystery quilt pattern, this quilt is machine pieced and beautifully quilted by iquilt Alaska Longarm Quilting Studio (Jonni Myrick).

2016 Valdez Mystery

By Jerry Cole
Quilted by Jonni Myrick

A  result of the 2016 Valdez, AK, Quilt Festival mystery quilt pattern, this quilt is machine pieced and beautifully quilted by iquilt Alaska Longarm Quilting Studio (Jonni Myrick).

Prismatic Star

By Jerry Cole
Quilted by Jonni Myrick

I have always admired Judy Niemeyer designs, and this quilt was my first endeavor. This quilt is machine pieced and beautifully quilted by iquilt Alaska Longarm Quilting Studio (Jonni Myrick).

Grandma's Flower Garden

By Jeannette Fairchild

This quilt is 100% hand made. English paper pieced method used. Each hexagon was whip stitched together to form the flower shape. The facing was hand sewn to the edge and hand quilted. This is a good quilt pattern to use up scrap fabrics.

Village People

By Marge Seidler
Quilted by Darlene Glidewell

Summer Garden

By Marge Seidler
Quilted by Darlene Glidewell

Raven Moon

By Marge Seidler
Quilted by Darlene Glidewell

Ocean Rails

By Marge Seidler
Quilted by Darlene Glidewell

Fall Frolic

By Marge Seidler
Quilted by Darlene Glidewell

Star Sampler

By Marge Seidler
Quilted by Darlene Glidewell

Pastel Posies

By Ruthe Rasmussen

Found the flower prints in my stash and thought this would be a good time to use scraps to fill in around them. I designed it on graph paper and made sure they were distributed evenly across the quilt before I sewed it together. It was fun, but scrap quilts take a lot more time than a limited palette. Machine pieced and free motion quilted.

Cool Alaska Wildlife

By Pat Schroder
Quilted by Julia Enzenberger

One of the coolest things about living in Alaska is the spectacular wildlife. Machine pieced by Pat Schroder and machine quilted by Julia Enzenberger.

Jungle Fever

By Pat Schroder
Quilted by Katy Neher

A simple sampler can express Jungle Fever by the fabulous fabrics from which we have to choose. Machine pieced by Pat Schroder and quilted by Katy Neher.

Fire Sparks

By Bonnie Bladow

"Fire Sparks" is a gift for Barb, our pre-school teacher who retired after many years of teaching. I hope it will remind her that she sparked a love of learning in the lives of many children. Pattern by Villa Rosa Designs.

Orange Is the New Black - The Bigger Half

By Rena Brinker

The upper left quilt represents the Calendar Girl challenge of oxymorons. Mine is "The Bigger Half". I loved my collage/fusible/sewn technique & couldn't stop. So I did a set of four variations. Embellished with sequins, netting, threads and glitzy fabrics.

Flannel Strips

By Marilyn Galbraith
Quilted by Linda Weaver

A friend gave me flannel strips she had left over from a strip quilt she had made. I added several flannel strips and made "Flannel Strips" for my son. Linda Weaver used an Alaskan theme for machine quilting.

Kristi's New York Beauties

By Katy Neher

I took Brenda Henning's New York Beauty class in 2000. At the time of the class I decided my sister, Kristi Jacobs, should be given this quilt when it was finished because her New York beauties were her two daughters that lived in New York. The blocks include paper piecing and curved piecing. After the body was finished, I couldn't find the right border. I bought over six different border pieces just to say, "nah, that's not it". Finally this summer I found inner and outer border fabrics that said "pick me, pick me". After applying the borders, the quilt was custom quilted on a longarm. My goal was to have it completed in order to enter in the fair, and I made that goal by the seat of my pants. The binding was finished at midnight on August 11.

ARCO Quilters' Sampler

By Katy Neher

This group sampler quilt has been in the works since 1999. Twelve of the quilters at ARCO each made 12 blocks using a fern/flower focal fabric, then met and exchanged blocks. The blocks have been waiting to be put together since Oct. '99. The quilt was quilted on a longarm using a different quilting motif in each block. It's the best when you finish a quilt that's been in the queue for almost 18 years. Piecers: Linda Heisserer, JoAnn Gruber, Kathy Gray, Jana Persson, Terry Whetstine, Cindy Keegan, Karen Roggenbuck, Jeanne Phillips, Carol Carlson, Jean Funatake, Susan Hickock, Katherine Neher (owner).

Dresden Plate

By George Taylor
Quilted by Katy Neher

This past February I was in Phoenix, AZ. Cut and machine pieced lots of plates. When I got home, I made some into a top. Katy Neher machine quilted it. Will be going to Quilts Of Valor and given to a woman from the service.

Floral Delight

By Barbara Clinton

I was inspired to try thread painting quilting. This will be a comfort quilt. It was a challenge.

What If….?

By Barbara Clinton

What If…a cut and sew adventure inspired by Rayna Gillman using blocks received from Japan.

Fires In The Valley

By Barbara Clinton
Quilted by Sue Sabrowski

I began this string quilt when the fires were smoldering in the Valley. It will go to the Guild Comfort Quilt project.

Blue Forest

By Judy Crosby
Quilted by Jillian Ling

I saw the winter and water fabric and was inspired to make the quilt. It is machine pieced and simply quilted. Pattern: "Walk About" by Ann Lauer for Grizzly Gulch Gallery.

Leftovers of Blues and Greens

By Lynne R. Seitz

The lid of my leftover fabric bin would no longer fit, so I cut up all the coordinating blue and green fabrics. The original top to the quilt had all the uniform pieces, but I still had a lot left over. I pieced a new top in a more random style and put the old one on the back. The randomness of the new design allowed me to try lots of quilting techniques.

Raven Orphans

By Kate Beebe

A class with Maria Shell had me collecting and using orphan blocks and some unused screen printed blocks. Machine pieced and quilted.

Going In Circles

By Marilyn Barnett
Quilted by Laura Simmons

A project of learning to construct inset circles was conducted a few years ago. Thus began this quilt. My fabric choice was blue and brown Asian designs. A unique product was achieved thanks to the Last Wednesday Quilt Group.

Poppin' Pink! And Green!

By Marilyn Barnett
Quilted by Laura Simmons

Bright and cheerful…this quilt will warm up a dreary winter snow day with hopes of spring.

Geometric Maze

By Marilyn Barnett
Quilted by Laura Simmons

Modern quilts are the rage currently. This quilt uses a variety of geometric shapes…circles, squares and lines. Quilter Laura Simmons of Sisters, Oregon, added her geometrics through the quilted squares and echoed circles. Majority of circle fabrics are by Tula Pink.

Hawaiian Sunset

By Marilyn Barnett
Quilted by Laura Simmons

Techniques and piecing procedures for this quilt were learned in a class taught by Sally Frey during the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Classes. Fabric used in the Dresden Plates was designed by Tula Pink.

A Kaffe Collection

By Jan Wallace
Quilted by Lily Huebsch

Made from anniversary set of Kaffe Fasset fabrics, using Cara Gullati templates.

Hope Springs Eternal

By Jan Wallace
Quilted by Lily Huebsch

Center circles are appliquéd. Embellishments include hand made buttons from South Africa, Mississippi river pearl buttons and miscellaneous beads.

Small Quilts

"I Didn't Do It"

By Linda Postlethwait

I made this quilt to tell the story of my first lie. I was about 3 1/2 years old when I jumped off my tricycle, causing it to break a basement window. I quickly returned my tricycle to the garage. When my parents asked if I had broken the window, I said "NO!". I remember my parents saying that I wouldn't be punished, but I needed to tell the truth. I still said, "I didn't do it". I finally confessed to the "crime" when I was in my 50's. My mother calmly said that she and my father knew I had done it. The tricycle is hand appliquéd, and the quilt is machine quilted. Vinyl and plexiglass were used for the window.


By Linda Postlethwait

This quilt is made from men's shirts. The pattern is Kim Brackett's "Windmills". I added the stuffed appliquéd circles to the centers of the "windmills". The quilt is machine quilted.

Guilty Sunbonnet Sues

By Linda Postlethwait

After seeing Betsy Korzeniewski's "Sunbonnet Sue Chain Gang" quilt at the CASA quilt show, I decided to make one. There was no pattern so my quilt became my own version. The words are hand embroidered. The needle-turn appliqué technique was used to apply the figures. The quilt is machine quilted.

Garden Guard

By Linda Postlethwait

After having a wonderful garden in 2016, I decided to make this quilt which encompasses a number of meaningful items: we used an enlarged dog run cage that we previouly used as a rabbit cage to guard our produce; Yellow Jackets were a serious problem; zucchinis were plentiful; and it was the first time we were able to grow tomatoes. The pattern is Joannie Wilken's "Garden Sampler". I used the product Liquid Thread to adhere the raw edge appliqué pieces that I hand stitched around using the blanket stitch. The quilt is machine quilted.

Kitty Kaleidoscope

ALCQ Comfort Quilts

Red Brick House

ALCQ Comfort Quilts

Blue Is His Color

By Jackie Carley

This quilt was made for my step brother. When I asked him what is your favorite color, he replied, "Isn't everybody's favorite color blue?".

Autumn Splendor

By Mary P. Lee

This is a panel enhanced with leaves, a pumpkin and a cat.

Rainbow Birches

By Veronica Haberthuer

Machine pieced, hand appliquéd leaves, hand quilted, leaves hand colored accents. Own design.

Night Blossoms

By Robyn Maas

I bought this pattern during a visit to Billings, MT. I combined fusible appliqué and trapunto to help accentuate the design. Machine pieced and quilted. Designed by Laura Heine.

In Monnlight Lilies

People's Choice Winner for Small Quilts

By Robyn Maas

My sister, Kay, found this pattern for me at a quilt shop in Delta Junction. My goal was to try to capture the peace and tranquility of the landscape. Machine quilted and pieced using fusible web appliqué. Designed by Leticia Hutching.

Star Crossed Lovers

By Jessica Noble

"Star Crossed Lovers" was a product of a 4 day Design Workshop with Ann Shaw that I took in April, 2016, with Rhonda Foster and Joan Brewer in Vancouver, WA. This is designed from a picture I took several years ago in China Poot Bay located in Kachemak Bay. This was designed, machine pieced and quilted by me, with design inputs by Ann (and quite frankly a lot of alternate fabric selection feedback from the whole class...which I mostly ignored). I thoroughly enjoyed this class and would love for the guild to bring Ann Shaw up to Anchorage.


By Kay Baehr

These fabrics were tucked away in my stash as leftovers from a larger quilt I had made several years ago. The flowers and bright colors remind me of summer in Alaska.

We Dream In Color

By Sandra Dozzo
Quilted by Darlene Glidewell

The quilt "We Dream In Color" was inspired by a visit from a long time friend. In the past we worked together, shopped, dined out or just sat and talked. She loved the panel for its brilliant colors as I did; we both came to the conclusion that we dream in color. This is her surprise quilt.

Moose Trio

By Marge Seidler
Quilted by Darlene Glidewell

Modern Totes

By Mary Huey

I wanted to do something more modern. This pattern by Tonye Belinda Phillips allowed me to do that with fabric choices and the quilting. Hand appliquéd, machine quilted.

The Fabric Of His Life

By Rena Brinker

My husband's grandma sewed chain saw pads on his Old Hickory shirts. Couldn't throw the last one away. Added as many of the fabrics (& non-fabrics) of his life as I could. Sure it looks like the dog's breakfast, but life is messy.

Heirloom Roses

By Irene O'Brien

I designed this whole cloth quilt, "Heirloom Roses", using some digital files and my Intelliquilter (IQ) Tablet. Quilted on my Nolting Longarm with Sewfine and Signature threads. Despite its small size, this quilt took over 30 hours to design and quilt.

Alaskan Adventures

By Barbara Clilnton

This scrap quilt was a self challenge using focus fabric leftovers and a limited palette of strips. It is intentionally not square.

Eleanor Burns Gone Wild

By Barbara Clilnton

I won blocks made from scraps Eleanor threw. I made 3 quilts from them. This one evolved from the homely ones. It became my favorite.


By Margaret Gingerich

I created "Halloween" from a two-fabric, reverse appliqué pattern from Pacific Rim Quilt Company using the needle-turn appliqué technique and machine quilting. I was attracted to the stylized design.

Solitude Song

By Bonny Rivera

Fabric panel, added laser cut wolf, free-motion quilting.

Quiet In the Snow

By Bonny Rivera

Fabric panel with free-motion quilting.

Frosted Evening

By Bonny Rivera

Fabric panel with free-motion quilting.

Autumn Delight

By Bonny Rivera

Original design with landscape piecing and free-motion quilting. Leaves were made with pinking scissors.

Winter Illusion

By Bonny Rivera

Original design with trapunto technique trees and free-motion quilting.

Night Song Of the Birches

By Bonny Rivera

Original design using fusible web and free-motion quilting.

Metallic Waters

By Bonny Rivera

Original design using machine piecing and free-motion quilting.

Wild Horses

By Glenda Burk

"Wild Horses" was made from scraps left over after making 5 other Laurel Burch quilts for the Valley Quilters Guild Fair Booth. This one did not get done in time for the fair so it will go to the Friends of Pets auction in the fall.

Panda Love

By Glenda Burk

"Panda Love" was made after finding flannel in my sewing room. I had thought all of it was gone, and now it is all gone. Time to start collecting again, as winter is coming and so are lots of fabrics.

Together We Are Anchorage

By Marilyn Moreno

Anchorage is one of the most diverse cities in the country. This quilt, with pictures of actual Anchorage residents, celebrates that diversity and all the wonderful gifts and challenges that come with living in a multicultural community. The differences and similarities bring us together and strengthen our city and country. The quilt has pictures printed on fabric and is machine quilted.

Panda Babies

By Marilyn Barnett
Quilted by Laura Simmons

The kit purchased in Sisters, Oregon, will be a treasured baby gift for a newborn soon. Clamshell quilting by Laura Simmons maintains the Asian theme. Pandalicious Fabrics.

Primordial Soup

By Jan Wallace

This whole cloth quilt has been dyed and overdyed. Embellishments include dyed batting, yarns, threads, buttons and beads. Hand stitching provides the quilting.

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