2016 Great Alaska Quilt Show

The following are photos of quilts, wearables, and small group displays from the 2016 Great Alaska Quilt Show. To see a larger image of a quilt, click on it once. 

Large Quilts

K Through 12
By Linda Postlethwait

For my 50th high school class reunion, I made the school house blocks in my school colors of red and grey.  I graduated from Parma Senior High in Parma, Ohio.  The class of "66" had 998 students.  The ledger fabric is symbolic of my study focus.  I was selected as the outstanding bookkeeping student and was one of the ten students selected to take a two year computer course.  The ABC's and numbers are hand embroidered.  The quilt was quilted on a domestic sewing machine.

Alaska Wildlife
By Jan Wills
Quilted by Jeanne Acton

I'm not ordinarily a fan of fusible web but I couldn't resist these lovely blocks.

Autumn Trellis
By ALCQ Comfort Quilt
Pieced and Quilted by various ALCQ Members

My Butterfly
By Beverly Glenn
Quilted by Jo Ann Gruber

Pieced butterfly in shades of pink.
New Frontiers
By Judy Crosby
Quilted by Jillian Ling

Made for my youngest daughter who just moved back to Alaska.  Used layer cake fabric pack and added a few other colors.  Machine pieced.
Rose Garden
By Jacky Strong

I love that when this quilt is on the bed the room becomes an English rose garden.
Bruised Heart
By Jacky Strong

An orphan heart block from another project long ago.
Fence - Finished
By Carol Todd
Quilted by Norma Kindred

I saw this pattern in one of Marti Michell's books and began collecting fabric for it over ten years ago.  Happy to say, "it's an UFO no more!"  I made the strip pieced blocks somewhat randomly; then I discovered it was very tricky to assemble them so that the pattern appeared with the right colors.
Moroccan Sunset
By Donna Lea Evans
Quilted by Ruth Simpson

I found the top at Value Village. I added the backing and batting. This quilt will go to my condo in Utah.
Autumn Star Dust
By Peggy Brewer
Quilted by Jonni Myrick

I took a class by Brenda Clyde in Valdez in 2014 called "Stardust".  I finally finished the quilt in 2016.  This quilt used a tri-rec ruler and is machine pieced.
Peace & Unity
By Susie Coates
Quilted by Melanie Brown

I like Civil War material and a friend bought this block of the month pattern and I like it so I bought it.  With the left over material I plan to do a lap quilt.  Unusual quilt for me to work on as it was all piecing and no appliqué.
Sherry Berry
By Katy Neher

This Debby Caffrey mystery was started at a class I took from Debbie in 2000.  I was finally able to quilt it this year.  I named it Sherry Berry after the Anne Bright edge to edge quilting pattern I used when quilting it.

Brent's Quilt
By Jetta Brewer Huber
Quilted by Carol McConahy - Icy Swan Creations

Variation on "Stair Bender" by using Fleurish colors from Benartex with Kona Cotton.  Amish and Escher influences.
Joy's Garden
By Lynnette L Motz
Quilted by Jo Ann Gruber

When I visited Australia in 1999, our first grandchild, Joy, was a month away from birth!  Hetty von Boven taught us this shadow appliqué technique.  I loved the look and began this for Joy's graduation in 2018!
Carol's Heavenly Garden
By Deb Hardman, Carol Wight Jones, Jan Wills, Mary Lee
Quilted by Deb Hardman

Viewer's Choice Large Quilt Winner

Carol was working on this in the last months of her life.  She finished the nine blocks and one and half of the side panels.  She had everything laid out.  Deb made a promise that we would get it done.  Mary and Jan each appliquéd one border.  Deb finished the rest.
By Pat Schroder
Quilted by Katy Neher

Quilt of Valor.  Another way to honor and pay respect to our military who sacrifice so much to keep us safe.
Life & Work Celebrated in Quilt Patterns
By Elaine Rhode & various persons
Quilted by Elaine Rhode

Each pattern represents passions and events in the life of Mimi Hogan.  Friends, family and co-workers sewed the 30 squares.  Pat Heglaund designed and sewed the top together.  Elaine Rhode created custom quilting to illustrate the meaning of each pattern (e.g. march plants in "Klatt Bog", curling waves in "Ocean Waves", eggs in "Birds' Nest").  Quilting was done over a year on an original Handiquilter with non-computerized sewing machine on a platform riding along tracks on a table.
Cake Stand
By George Taylor
Quilted by Jo Ann Gruber

Twenty-one years in the making - 1995 to 2016.
Cody's Manly Quilt
By Nancy Freeborn
Quilted by Diane Ruhl

This was a great way to use up some of my scraps and honoring Cody's service to our country.  I added a few of his patches he received while in the Army.  It was machine pieced.
Snuggly Scroochies
By Jerry Cole
Quilted by Jonni Myrick

This flannel quilt is a "Jelly Roll Race" pattern enhanced with complementary squares between the strips.
Dutchman's Fire
By Ruthe Rasmussen

This quilt was started in a class taught by Susie Weaver, then enlarged with various borders to create a bed size quilt.
By Marge Seidler
Quilted by Darlene Glidewell
Hunter's Star
By Marge Seidler
Quilted by Darlene Glidewell

Medium Quilts

By Linda Postlethwait

Made from recycled ties and felted wool garments, this machine pieced and domestic sewing machine and hand quilted quilt is made using a 3-D tie block.
Square With a Flare
By ALCQ Comfort Quilt
Pieced and Quilted by various ALCQ Members

This quilt is being offered for sale and its proceeds will benefit non-profit groups in the Anchorage area.  If you are interested in this quilt, please see a quilter at the Comfort Quilt display (to the right after entering the building).
Diamonds in the Rough
By ALCQ Comfort Quilt
Pieced and Quilted by various ALCQ Members

In the Maze
By ALCQ Comfort Quilt
Pieced and Quilted by various ALCQ Members

By Mary Lee

This was a fun and easy quilt to make appliqué patterns from Urban Elements.
Over the River and Through the Woods
By Nancy Freeborn
Quilted by Jane Hair

Hand embroidered, machine pieced.  I renamed this quilt Over the Mountains and Through the Clouds…to Grandma's House We Go! - that's more appropriate for Alaskans.  I added the Alaskan star and personized it.
Serene Neighborhood
By Beverly Glenn
Quilted by Jo Ann Gruber

Row Quilt - a good way to creatively use up my scraps.
Primary Blocks
By Glenda Burk

This quilt was made in a "one block wonder" class.  I should have read the book before fabric selection as it said not to use fabrics with geometric designs.
Fishy, Fishy, Fishy
By Lynne Seitz

This quilt was made for my first great-nephew, Brandon.  He lives in Huntington Beach, California so the ocean theme seemed to fit perfectly.
Hawaiian Tiles
By Lynne Seitz

Most quilts I make to give away but I decided I was finally going to make one for my wall at home.  Since I started collecting my fabrics while on vacation in Hawaii, it has a definite tropical feel.
Cyrus' Family Tree
By Lynne Seitz

Cyrus is my first grandchild and I want him to know how very welcomed he is to the family.  There are 59 members of the group for four different branches of the family.  We love having Cyrus as number 60.

Polka Dot Ocean
By Bonny Rivera

Modified pattern to include seaweed.  Machine appliqué and free-motion quilting.
Bird Tree
By Bonny Rivera

The birds were assembled into blocks and the background was assembled row by row.  The design was extra challenging having the tree trunk at an angle.  This quilt was 2015 Alaska State Fair Division Champion - Machine piecing and Free-motion Quilting.
By Bonny Rivera

Modified pattern to include birds.  This quilt was 2015 Alaska State Fair Division Champion - Machine Piecing and Free-motion Quilting.

By Robyn Maas
Quilted by Katy Neher

Fabrics are based on PETROGLYPHS and PALAEOLITHIC cave paintings.  Some blocks are paper pieced.  Quilt is machine pieced and quilted.
Under the Sea What Wonders There Be
By Jane Ferguson
Quilted by Julie Lucht

The quilt is made up of blocks and appliqué embellishments gathered from every quilt shop on "the big island" Hawaii.  The pieced background is topped with raw-edge appliqué motifs designed by participating quilt shops.  Machine quilted with lots of sea creatures - can you find them?

Kittie Cuddle
By Jane Ferguson
Quilted by Julie Lucht

The pieced snails' trails blocks are hard appliquéd with sleeping cat faces and very brave mice.  The Helene Knott design was machine quilted by Julie Lucht.

Cherry Pops & Daisies
By Jane Ferguson
Quilted by Katy Neher

When I saw this quilt in a magazine ad I loved it.  Then came a graduation announcement and I knew it was meant to be.  This Amy Shaw design was machine quilted by Katy Neher using a dragonfly motif.
African Kaleidoscope
By Julia Enzenberger, Kara Altman, Darlene Appel
Quilted by Katy Neher

This kleidoscope quilt was pieced by three quilters and quilter by another.  It will be given to ALCQ's Comfort Quilt charity project.
Puppy Love
By Kay Baehr
Quilted by Katy Neher

I am more of a cat lover but these Laurel Birch "dog" fabrics appealed to me, especially the bright colors.  The pattern is "Afternoon Delight" by Grizzly Gulch Gallery.
Over the Rainbow
By Kay Baehr
Quilted by Katy Neher

My sister, Robyn, and I won a rainbow jelly roll in a guild challenge.  The bright colors were my taste so she kindly gave it to me.  The colors worked well for the "Rainbows for Baby" pattern designed by Karla Oates from Sew'n B Cozy, Seward, Alaska.
Monkey Business
By Betty Rogers

I had the monkey fabric and the flower fabric in my stash.  I found a pattern that high lighted a focal fabric - then I found the sashing fabric in my stash.  This was machine pieced and machine quilted.
Flying High
By Betty Rogers

I found the pattern at a garage sale in Sun City, Arizona.  I was able to find pieces of fabric in my stash for the appliquéd pieces.  I enjoyed finding all the fabric and putting it together.
A Long Trip Around the World
By Judy Crosby
Quilted by Sharon Berna

Class at The Quilt Tree with instructor Diane Bradley.  One of the first quilts I made.  Finished in early 2016.  Machine pieced.
Lake House Couch Cover
By Jacky Strong

Found this map panel at a quilt store in Washington state.  It's the right size to drape over the back of the couch, ready to be a comfort when the rain comes down.
By Carol Todd
Quilted by Norma Kindred

This pattern is from Best Modern Quilts (Winter 2014).  I enjoyed making the blocks from stash fabrics but it was a bit of a challenge to put the quilt together.  Norma's lovely quilting really enhanced this pattern.
Bring On the Bling
By Lisa Emerson
Quilted by Katy Neher

Every woman loves flowers and jewels!  This fusible appliqué quilt, "Northern Flora", designed by Dana Ferrengia, inspired me to attempt my first appliqué quilt.  I started working on it while we were RV snowbirds in southern Texas.  The flowers and berries of Alaska are so beautiful that I decided to enhance each block with a little bling using Swarorski crystals.  I wanted to make sure that this quilt will be here for 100 years so I outline each appliqué piece using silk thread.  I want to thank Katy Neher for a wonderful quilting job! Hope you enjoy this quilt!
Garden Bouquet
By Kass Friend
Quilted by Mary Lou Frahm

This quilt was made for my brother and sister-in-law who are always there for me - to celebrate life's joys and navigate the challenges.  This all wool quilt was hand embroidered.  Designed by Heart to Hand and quilted by Mary Lou Frahm.
Navajo Women
By Donna Lea Evans
Quilted by Ruth Simpson

This fabric was too pretty to cut up so it was used in a whole cloth quilt.  It will go to my condo in Utah.
99 Bottles
By Barbara Steckel
Quilted by Lily Huebsch

Wanted to see how Joan Ford of Hummingbird Highways was as a teacher.  At Road to California "99 Bottles" was available.  The entire quilt was made of scraps using a fusible grid material for the thousands of 1" squares making the nine patches.  It is all machine pieced after fusing the squares.  The techniques for the sashing was different but worked well.  Joan will teach a class in Soldotna in August 2017 but it will be using larger scraps.
Black Cat On a Halloween Tin Roof
By Susie Coates
Quilted by Linda Rice Weaver - Linda Long Arm Quilting

I saw this quilt at Quilt Zone and fell in love with it.  It took me several years to gather the material for it.  I loved hand appliquéing and love fall quilts.
Wandering Vines
By Susie Coates
Quilted by Laurie Vandergriff

This is a sisters quilt.  My sister pieced two quilts alike and then I did the hand appliqué on both.  We have done three quilts so far and hope to do more in the future.  She lives in Massachusetts so sometimes it is a challenge.
Pink Mystery
By Katy Neher

I started this quilt at a Debbie Caffrey mystery class in 2000.  I finished piecing it at a fall retreat in 2006.  Finally in spring 2016, I was able to take it out of the "needs quilting" pile and quilt it.  It was a challenge but fun custom quilting this quilt.
Through the Looking Glass
By Barbara Clinton
Quilted by Darlene Glidewell

This was the Valdez mystery - 2014.
Firewall III
By Jetta Brewer Huber

A continuing study in color blending.  I have also experimented with machine-appliquéd embellishment.
Red Riot
By Jetta Brewer Huber

A mistake by the supplier resulted in many yards of this fabric!  It is lined with polyester dress fabric for a cozy throw.

Swimming Home
By Roxann Berry
Quilted by Jo Ann Gruber

This quilt is pieced.  The fabric designer is Anchorage artist, Ayse Gilbert.  Her son and my son have been friends since kindergarten, so my son was delighted to receive this for his 23rd birthday.
Jaxson's Whales
By Rhonda Foster

The Jaxon's Whales quilt was made for the birth of my great-grandson, Jaxson Rice.
Eva's Cottage Lane
By Barbara Clinton
Quilted by Darlene Glidewell

The pattern is by Nance Mahoney in Love of Quilting magazine.  I made it for my granddaughter, Evan.
Hen Party
By Barbara Clinton

I saw this in a Fons and Porter magazine and I knew my round table needed it.
Stars For Valor
By Marilyn Moreno, Last Wednesday Group
Quilted by Katy Neher

This is a row quilt made by members of the Last Wednesday group.  It is a Quilt of Valor and will be given to a current or former military person.
Strips Are Better Than Triangles
By Marilyn Moreno
Quilted by Katy Neher

The fabric in this quilt was originally to be used for a quilt using triangles.  After cutting close to 200 triangles, with at least that many more to cut, I decided that strips would made a great quilt.
My First Star
By Neli Greenlee

This Ohio Star was my first quilt that was finally completed earlier this year.  My inspiration was to learn how to quilt.  I found my hobby.  I've been hooked on quilting ever since.  The quilt was machine pieced and machine quilted.
Christmas Lap Quilt
By Margaret Gingerich

I used the "Yellow Brick Road" pattern to create this Christmas themed lap quilt.  It is machine pieced and machine quilted.
Valdez Through A Looking Glass
By Christine Jolley
Quilted by Geri Wacker

This mystery quilt is the result of attending the Valdez Quilt Festival in the fall of 2014 with my good friend and neighbor.  The snowball block was pretty easy but the snowflakes required considerable cutting and re-cutting.  Then came the mountains.  No idea of what it would look like until finished!  A fun but challenging project for me!
Green #1
By George Taylor

Irregular Amish bars.  Machine Sashiko quilting.
Green #2
By George Taylor

Curved pieced irregular Amish bars.  Machine Sashiko quilting.
Katie's Girls
By Sandra Dozzo, Grandma Katie Johnson
Quilted by Darlene Glidewell

Vintage blocks from Joe's grandmother, Katie Johnson, pieced in the late 70s and early 80s. The quilt was finished by Sandra Dozzo.
Follow the North Star
By Sandra Dozzo
Quilted by Darlene Glidewell

My design.  I paper pieced the "Mariner's Compass."
Well Deserved Naptime
By Jerry Cole
Quilted by Jonni Myrick

This quilt named Well Deserved Nap Time is a dear friend's retirement gift.  The pattern is a Missouri Star Quilt Company design entitled, "Katie's Quilt."  It is machine pieced with a flannel back and beautifully quilted by Jonni Myrick of Eagle River.
Twisted Bargello
By Jerry Cole
Quilted by Jonni Myrick

Twisted Bargell was a 2012 Valdez Retreat class project…finally finished four years later.  The colors were selected to mimic a Caribbean sunset.  The quilt pattern designer is Chris Timmins and it was quilted by Jonni Myrick of Eagle River.
Seashore Fun
By Marilyn Barnett
Quilted by Katy Neher

What can be more fun than a day at the shore?  These children are enjoying the sun and sand in this whimsical panel print.
Cat Ladies
By Marilyn Barnett
Quilted by Katy Neher

Everybody loves cats!  Especially these classy cat ladies.  Dressed in their finest apparel, these ladies show off their felines and themselves.
Teddy Bear Play
By Marilyn Barnett
Quilted by Katy Neher

Teddy bears happily play together amoung the stars on this baby quilt.
My Heart Belongs To Chocolate Tablecloth
By Ruthe Rasmussen

Pieced with machine appliqué hearts and couched "icing".  Free-motion quilting.
Flower Patch
By Mary Bristol
Quilted by Katy Neher

Colorful Kaffe Fassett fabrics were my inspiration for this quilt.  It is machine pieced and machine quilted.
By Marge Seidler
Quilted by Darlene Glidewell

Bermuda Blue
By Marge Seidler
Quilted by Darlene Glidewell

Small Quilts

Now Showing
By Linda Postlethwait

This original design quilt has needle-turned appliqué numbers, stars and letters.  The circles are inset and the black and white "film" edges are trapunto using wool batting.  The quilt was quilted on a domestic sewing machine.
Christmas At Grandma's
By ALCQ Comfort Quilt
Pieced and Quilted by various ALCQ Members

This quilt is being offered for sale and its proceeds will benefit non-profit groups in the Anchorage area.  If you are interested in this quilt, please see a quilter at the Comfort Quilt display (to the right after entering the building).
Kitty Out of the Basket
By ALCQ Comfort Quilt
Pieced and Quilted by various ALCQ Members

A Nice Warm Summer
By Mary Lee

One year while at the Houston Quilt show we went to see the LaGrange Quilt Museum.  I purchased this pattern from a nearby quilt store.  Machine appliqué and machine quilted.
Merry Christmas, Ya'll
By Jamie Thompson
Quilted by Jane Hair

I saw this pattern in Cache, Oklahoma and thought it would always remind me of our time while stationed there.  It's machine pieced, appliquéd with embellishments added.
Grandma's Cellar
By Glenda Burk

"I Spy" quilt made for my son and grandson.  My son loved to go to Grandma's cellar to find canned goods that she had stored there.
Chicken Pie
By Glenda Burk

Quilt was the outcome of "Roosting Robin" challenge at the Valley Guild.
Spicy Birch Trees
By Bonny Rivera

I saw the fabric for the birch trees and designed the rest of the scenery around the birch trees.  I used pinking shears to cut the fabric, machine appliqued pieces on the background and finished with free-motion quilting.
Marco's Fish
By Bonny Rivera

I duplicated in fabric, my son, Marco's, 9th grade pastel oil painting.  Exactly duplicating his colors and fish layout.  Machine piecing, appliqué and free-motion quilting.
Red Flowers
By Bonny Rivera

Turn under hand appliqué with free-motion quilting.
By Bonny Rivera

I took a class at Quilt Tree, learned how to make houses, trees and flying geese.  I designed my own quilt using those techniques to make my own town. This quilt was a 2014 Alaska State Fair blue ribbon award winner.  Machine quilted with free-motion "extreme doodling" quilting.

Flower Star
By Bonny Rivera

Modified "Diamond Star" pattern to make the quilt smaller.  Only made the inner star.  Machine pieced with free-motion quilting.  This quilt was  2015 Alaska State Fair Judges' Choice ribbon winner.
By Bonny Rivera

I took  class at Quilt Tree to learn how to make dogs, grass, dog houses, fences and fire hydrants.  I put all the elements together in my own design.  Machine piecing and free-motion quilting.
A Star is Born
By Chris Matiukas

Each five inch block was machine embroidered using holographic mylar thread to give it the sparkle.  The blocks were machine pieced and sashed on back.  The Hoopsisters pattern is called "Whole Earth".
By Kay Baehr

Viewer's Choice Small Quilts Winner

I took the "Two Fabric Bargello" class from Susie Weaver sponsored by Chugach Mountain Quilt Guild.  The bubble fabric is Effervescence by Robert Kaufman.
Pretty Patches
By Judy Crosby
Quilted by Sharon Berna

Disappearing 16 patch - machine pieced.  I made the block for the Valley Education Committee. Then we challenged each to make a quilt.  One 16 patch block makes two quilt blocks.  I designed the sashing and corners.
Grandbaby Sutton
By Jacky Strong

Inspired from a hexagon charm pack at Twisted Sisters in Eagle River.  I like the fun shapes and soft colors.  The quilting templates were my cookware lids.

By Kass Friend
Quilted by SheliaCrum

I love hand embroidery and Sue Spargo's designs let your imagination go wild with colors and creative embellishments.  This quilt pattern is entitled "Flowerbed".  It was stitched-in-the-ditch by Shelia Crum.
Blueberry Crumble
By Peggy Brewer

In 2015, I made a quilt for my aunt using a pattern called "Serendipity 1".  I used the corners cut from blocks in that quilt to make this quilt.  In a perfect world nothing should go to waste.
Sun Bonnet Sue
By Delberta Trevithick

Appliquéd Sun Bonnet Sue picking Flowers.  Colorful blocks surround the scene.  Outside edge made of colorful strips of fabric machine pieced.
Catch A Folded Star
By Christine Jolley

Another project left over from attendance at the Valdez Quilt Festival in 2014.  Colleen Granger taught this class that featured folded 3-D stars.  The piecing was enjoyable and directions were thorough.  I minimally quilted this project since I didn't want to ruin the effects of the folds.
Holly Jolly Cello Fellow
By Roxann Berry

This is a combination of piecing and appliqué, plus thread painting and attaching crystals.  It is for my daughter who is a cellist.
Morely G. Moose III
By Roxann Berry

This is machine appliquéd.  I made this in a class and it was very interesting to see the various fabrics people chose.  Some did all one color group, one person did all florals, and one did all the same fabric.  All looked great.
Merry Christmas My Friends
By Deb Hardman & PALS
Quilted by Deb Hardman

20 Years later!  I put together blocks won in 1996, at Patchers Along the Lakeshore quilt guild Christmas party in Muskegon, Michigan (my birthplace).
Ukranian Egg Experiment
By Julie Lucht

Inspiration - living in Europe for 18 years.  Technique - hand driven longarm quilting.  Egg designs by Judy Lyon. Back - Inktense colored pencils; the front seemed too boring.  1930s reproduction fabrics used to clean out stash.
Silk Thread Study #1
By Julie Lucht

Kaffe Fassett shot cotton fabrics.  Unwashed after quilting.  Inspiration - Margaret Solomon Gunn - MQU Magazine Sep/Oct 2014. Hand guided longarm quilting.
Silk Thread Study #2
By Julie Lucht

Inspiration - Margaret Solomon Gunn - MQU Magazine Sep/Oct 2014.  #50 silk thread - Tire brand, #100 silk thread - Kimono brand.  Washed after quilting, hand guided longarm quilting, fabric -  Kaffe Fassett shot cottons.

Red Poppies Gone Wild
By Robyn Maas

This "one-block wonder" quilt was designed using hexagons made from a floral red poppy and white flower fabric.  Floating cubes are added for interest.  Machine pieced and quilted.
California Poppies
By Robyn Maas

This little quilt depicts California's state flower.  It was constructed using the fusible appliqué technique.  Machine pieced and quilted.
Once Upon…Happily Ever
By Carrie Payne

After creating several art quilts for a recent quilt show, I had prints made on fabric.  I machine pieced the prints together with other fabrics to create a larger quilt to celebrate the show.  Machine quilted.
Goodnight Moon
By Marilyn Barnett
Quilted by Katy Neher

Goodnight Moon immortalizes the children's book by the same name.  Margaret Wise Brown's book is a favorite story which allows children to see the connection between words and pictures.
Fall Bounty Big Stitch Technique 1 & 2
By Ruthe Rasmussen

Big stitch technique class taught by Jan Sant in January 2015.  It took me a year and seven months to finish.  Each and every stitch requires a minimum of two "stabs".  Never again!
Haunted House
By Ruthe Rasmussen

A conglomerate of many patterns, pieces and ideas that had been brewing in my head for several years.  White glow-in-the-dark thread, wired with lights in the windows.  Free-motion quilting.
The Key To Happiness is…
By Ruthe Rasmussen

A country Christmas tree to replace my huge free standing tree..leaving more room for presents underneath!!  Paper pieced, free-motion quilting.  Embroidered angel by Skeeter Harper.
It's Amazing
By Joyce Webster

Many different pieces of green fabric to make the shrubs for the maze on golden background.
Salisbury, MO
By Joyce Webster
Quilted by Becki Ezzell

My aunt went to a fabric store in Salisbury, Missouri to get me the row-by-row.  While at Becki's house I got all the pieces ironed in place and then left accidently left it there.  She surprised me and finished it for me.  She gets the "best sister-in-law" award.
Let's Have Chocolate Moose
By Joyce Webster

The body of the moose is a collection of many fabrics with a chocolate theme.
Los Gatos
By Rachel Korshin

My husband and I have a home on the Pacific Coast of Mexico where we spend ten weeks every winter.  There I befriended local artist Moña Delgado who lives in a nearby village.  Moña has a particular talent for embroidery, which is displayed beautifully on this collaboratively made quilt.  I was attracted to Moña's style that incorporated embroidered designs of the indigenous Otomi people of the state of Hidalgo.  This quilt was commissioned by a woman who rented our house for a Mexican vacation and fell in love with the embroidered quilts that hung on our walls.
Miniature Quilts
Alien Arrangement
By Linda Postlethwait

After taking a weaving class at Quilt Zone from Kate Beebe, I decided to make something from my class project.  Selecting the fabric for the vase was the first step.  From there I worked out the floral design.  The quilt has two types of ruched flowers.  It is machine quilted.  The label contains a quote from Pablo Picasso, "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist."
Fireweed's First Season
By Linda Postlethwait

During our 12,000 mile road trip last summer, we noticed a lot of burn areas.  I decided I wanted to make a quilt using a "fine line" piecing technique to illustrate the burned trees.  The background fabric was chosen because of the fireweed coloring.  The quilt was quilted on a domestic sewing machine.
By Robyn Maas

My love of Hawaiian quilting began 25 years ago when we lived in Hawaii.  "Ulu" is the Hawaiian word for breadfruit and the pattern was given to me by my mentor.  Hand appliquéd and hand quilted.
Sleeps Six
By Robyn Maas

Sleeps Six was fun to make using the fusible appliqué technique.  Machine pieced and quilted; embellished with feathers, yarn and beads.

By Chris Matiukas

Viewer's Choice Miniature Quilt Winner

I took a class from Barbara Shapel, known for her reversible thread-painted quilts, at Seams Like Home.  This piece was started in class and finished at home using free-motion thread painting techniques.  One side is day, the other is night.

By Jacquelin Carley

Raw-edge fused appliqué collage with net on top.  Machine appliquéd and quilted.
Sea Grass
By Peggy Kugel

In a class taught by Rayna Gilman I was issued a challenge:  make something with a limited color palette - two neutrals and a color.  Techniques include free-motion quilting; edges are finished using a facing technique.
Blue Horizon
By Susie Coates
Quilted by Becky Rudisill

I bought a kit because I loved the colors in the kit and I love the quilt designer, Kim Diehl.  I had never done one of her small quilts.  I made an extra block and used it for a quilt for a teddy bear for ALCQ's Teddy Bear Tea project.

By Katy Neher

Using fusible web the appliqué pieces are cut out, fused to the background then black bias tape is sewn over the raw edges to give the quilt a stained glass appearance.
Meow Spoken Here
By Barbara Clinton

My fabric interpretation of a poster by Lynn Kessinger.
Little Beauty
By Deb Hardman

Playing with Shivä oil stick paints on fabric, I put this together and free-motion quilted with a very fine silk thread.
Fantasy Flowers
By Kate Beebe

Inspired by a panel of fabric.  Checkerboard is woven, vase is moldable interfacing and organza, flowers are both fused and 3-D.
Hanging By A Thread
By Kate Beebe

Thread lace made by using free-motion stitching over fiber and feathers sandwiched between wash-away stabilizer.  Hand quilted and embellished over velvet.
By Margaret Gingerich

I adapted a Fons and Porter pattern by Kelly Mueller for a fused appliqué quilt triptych, making one needle-turn appliquéd small quilt.
Welcome Basket
By Margaret Gingerich

I was given the kit for this felted wool wallhanging.  I used the blanket stitch to appliqué the felted wool pieces.  The wallhanging is hand quilted.  The pattern and felted wool came from the Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop.
Alaska Wildlife With a Twist
By Pat Schroder

A view of some of our awesome wild life in the great state of Alaska with just a little twist.
Little Green Quilt
By George Taylor

Leftover quilt block sliced up and combined with strips of fabric.  Quilting is machine Sashiko.
Little Black And Red
By George Taylor

Slice and dice two fabrics and combine with a third.  Machine quilted.
Little Brown Squares
By George Taylor

Hand dyed scraps work with solids into squares. Quilting in machine Sashiko.
By Marilyn Galbraith

My quilt was made from a breadfruit pattern by Elizabeth Root.  It is a Hawaiian design using a batik for the pattern on a white cotton background.  The quilt is hand appliquéd and hand quilted.
Listen To Your Heart
By Glenda Burk

Quilt made using a Carrie Payne pattern for the girl.
El Gato
By Linda Postlethwait

The "Blackcat" appliqué pattern by Wee Folkart made me smile, so I had to make it.  The quilt has wool appliqués with hand embroidery and quilting.  My quilt makes me laugh.
Yo Yos Around My Garden
By Delberta Trevithick

This project with yoyos, leaves and flowers was hand pieced and appliquéd in a variety of colors.  Some hand quilting and some machine quilting and very time consuming but fun!
Batik Dresden Plates
By Delberta Trevithick
Quilted by Katy Neher

This table runner has three-dimensional Dresden plates with a pieced batik background in a variety of colors.  Plates are hand appliquéd.
Vintage Hip
By Carrie Payne

A thoughtful girl with a love for vintage items and boots.  Raw-edge appliqué on a machine quilted background.
Field Of Pumpkins
By Ruthe Rasmussen

I have a tall, narrow wall in the staircase that necessitated stretching Dana Verrengic's pattern to fit the area (lots more pumpkins!).  Raw-edge appliqué and free-motion quilting.

Mixed Media Quilts
Wash Day
By Linda Postlethwait

The photo in the quilt is of my three sisters and me (in the tub).  It is one of the earliest photos of me as a child .  The trees are twisted fabric with embroidered buds and leaves.  The dresses were folded after treating the fabric with terial magic.  The quilt is quilted with hand utility stitches and machine stitches.
Call Me
By Linda Postlethwait

Viewer's Choice Winner Mixed Media Quilts

After taking a 12,000 mile drive across the northern backroads of the United States, I wanted to make a quilt that would remind me of the many farms, ranches and barbed wire fences that we viewed.  Lynette Anderson's "Cow and Daises" folkart quilt gave me a good start.  The photo of the barn was taken by my husband, Gary, in Esperance, New York.  The cows are needle-turned appliquéd with trapuntoed bodies, button nostrils and embroidered features.  The embroidered pearl stitch was used to stitch the barbed wire.  The daises are made with yarn and beads.  The quilt was quilted on a domestic sewing machine.
2015 Summer Adventures
By Rosemary Slisz

Machine stitched and quilted, fusible and raw-edge appliqué and embroidery.  Started by collecting Row by Rows from Anchorage and Kenai, a Country Heritage Tour to Sisters, Oregon, a visit to Washington state and then a road trip to Fairbanks.  The Row by Rows are in a box as UFOs, maybe next year!
Picasso, Please
By Jan Wallace

I love to sew curves and experiment with 3-D embellishments.  The heavyweight stabilizer is Peltex 1.  Stiffened fabric is used for boxes and beads.
Fun & Frosty
By Peggy Brewer

Wool appliqué on flannel with embroidery.  The snowflakes kits are machine embroidery and the quilting is by machine.  The pattern is from Funclub Designs.
Le Fleur
By Deb  Hardman

Made for the Calendar Girls "flower" challenge.  Hand dyed and Mono printed on silk.  Painted cotton for flowers.  Thread painted flowers with Heavy Sulky Washaway Stabilizer and layers of tulle, washing out part way to form flowers.  Floral wire and beads used to add embellishment.
Aggie De Egger
By Margaret Gingerich

I started this project in Laura Wasilowski's fusing class at the AQS show in Phoenix.  The class kit included Laura's hand-dyed fabric for the chicken and background, plus her dyed thread for the hand-stitched embellishment.
Modern Quilts
Garrison's Blockade
By Linda Postlethwait

For my grandson's high school graduation I made this extra-long twin bedspread from men's striped shirts.  Four triangular pieces were sewn together to form a mitered block.  Three different size blocks, 9", 6" and 3", were randomly arranged in the quilt.  The quilt was quilted on a domestic sewing machine.
Last Day of Autumn
By Linda Postlethwait

This "fine line" quilt was inspired by the work of Kathleen Loomis and Janet Steadman.  I used a curved, various width, "fine line" quilt piecing technique with commercial fabrics.  The quilt was quilted on a domestic sewing machine.
By Glenda Burk

Modern quilt demonstration at ALCQ inspired this quilt, which was started as paper cut and paste.
By Jacquelin Carley

Based on paintings by Piet Mondrian (1872-1944).  Pieced by machine, quilted by machine.  Alternate title was Mini-Mondrean since his paintings were large.
Ribbon Play
By Chris Matiukas
Quilted by Mary Lou Frahm

I liked the clean, bold look of these large, colorful blocks.  It was quick and easy to piece.  Ribbon Play was designed by Robin Waggoner and appears in the book Row Quilts - Longitudes and Latitudes.
By Jan Wallace
Quilted by Lily Huebsch

Inspired by "Winging it Pillow";  Quilting Modern by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pederson.  I love to inset circles and had several butterfly inspired fabrics so it grew and grew.  Thanks to Lily Huebsch for providing "Butterfly Pathways."
Purple Mountains
By Bonny Rivera

Machine stitched, free-motion quilting.  Sky quilting at top and free-motion mountains below.
City Silhouette
By Katy Neher

I used a panoramic photo I took of Anchorage from the Downtown Anchorage Viewpoint on West Northern Lights Blvd to create the raw-edge appliqué of the buildings downtown.
Against The Flow
By Katy Neher

The fish fabric was an unusual choice of fabric for me.  I bought it on a trip to Montana not knowing what I would do with it.  It came to me to cut the fish into strips and raw-edge appliqué them to a blue background.  I was inspired to have some of the fish go in opposite directions because sometimes you have to "go against the flow."
Modern Sunrise
By Katy Neher

The "Sundance" pattern by Villa Rosa Designs is a real fun and fast modern quilt pattern.  It was the perfect pattern for me to have some fun creating a modern quilt using only solid colors.
Organized Chaos
By Katy Neher

This "Urban Cabin" pattern by Atkinson Designs was perfect for the bright, kid-themed fat quarters I picked up in Chicago when I was quilt shop hopping last Christmas.

Firewall Series: The Bell Pull
By Jetta Brewer Huber

A beginning study in appliqué and a continuing work with the hot side of the color spectrum.
The Kitchen Series: Spoons & Bowls
By Pat Sims

The Kitchen Series: Forks & Knives
By Pat Sims
By Pat Sims
Ally's Quilt
By Deb Hardman

It's all about the quilting.  Using my hand dyes, I made a simple, more modern top to give me a fun place to go crazy with quilting.
Prop On the Plane Goes Round and Round
By Kate Beebe
Quilted by Katy Neher

From the book Graphic Quilts from Everyday Images by Heather Scrimsher, this quilt is a two sided, modern quilt.  This quilt was a commissioned piece by a pilot; he chose the pattern, fabric and quilting design.
Back of Prop On the Plane Goes Round and Round

Birch Trees
By Irene Stewart
Quilted by Julie Lucht

Viewer's Choice Winner Modern Quilts

Loved the photo of quilt kit because of trees and the colors.  Interfacing (not fusible) was used to make each block.  Added fabrics from my stash.  My first attempt at "modern quilting".  Machine quilted by Julie Lucht.
Jazzy Jive
By Katy Neher

When I go to a quilt retreat, in addition to bringing unfinished quilts to finish (UFOs), I always like to take a quick quilt to cut and piece.  The "Jelly Jive" pattern was the perfect choice for this year's retreat.  It uses just one jelly roll and the strip piecing has some interest with the inset of 2" blocks in the strips.
Garden Gate
By George Taylor
Quilted by Julie Lucht

Pattern from Modern Quilts Unlimited.  Used traditional fabrics from my stash.  Quilted modern and traditional by Julie Lucht.
Hanging 4 Patch
By George Taylor

Four patch set in the modern style.  Machine Sashiko.
Modern Criss-Cross
By Rhonda Foster

The modern criss-cross was made using scraps of Kaffe Fassett Fabrics.
Love My Bike
By Carrie Payne

I love my bike and I wanted to create something that would show off my pretty bike.  Machine pieced with raw-edge appliqué.  Machine free-motion quilting.
Summer Guest
By Karen Engstrom

My summer quilt for my guest room reminds me of my garden.  My journey into modern quilting is slow but I'm gradually learning.  I tried this traditional "Buckeye Beauty" block using bright modern fabrics with some solids thrown in with members from the Modern Quilt Group contributing some blocks.
Waves For Megan
By Bonnie Bladow

I made this quilt for my daughter, Megan.  She looked in my stash and found a fat quarter batik that she liked.  That became the center square in all the blocks.  She also selected the rest of the fabrics.  This is my very first attempt at long arm quilting.  All quilting free-motion at Stipple Yourself.  The pattern is an expansion of "Sundance" by Villa Rosa Designs.
By Connie Cloud

This vest was produced as a result of a class taught by Louise Cutting. I played with color placement and added appliqué and hand topstitching.
By Connie Cloud

A result of a group challenge, this jacket is made from a pair of my husband’s jeans, and the sleeves are removable/exchangeable. The collar and center back are quilted and sleeves are attached by snap ribbon.
By Connie Cloud

Recycled jeans make a great jacket with pieced collar and center back.
By Barb Clinton

JuliEnne Giraffe is a great stitching companion since she is all earls and never criticizes. She is clothed in a quilted jacket as well as shoes and dress of Barb’s own design.
By Jacky Strong

Using old jeans, Pendleton Wool and Bali Pops batiks, I created a jacket with quilted highlights.

By Bonnie Bladow

Using old jeans, I created a jacket with quilted sections, pieced panels and free-motion quilting.
By Jane Ferguson

Viewer's Choice Winner Wearable Arts

Using rayon and cotton as well as wool and polyester blends in fabric, this jacket was constructed from a Vogue pattern. It was free-motion quilted on a domestic machine using two strands of 40 weight thread.
By Bonnie Bladow

Using the perfect fabric for my daughter, I used trapunto, free-motion quilting and echo/outline quilting on bodice and pockets.

By Ruthe Rasmussen

An apron with quilted top and half a towel for the skirt and half a washcloth for the pocket.
By Ruthe Rasmussen

Jeans jacket with hand couched yarn as embellishment.
By Barb Clinton

This envelope purse has been embellished with pearl beads, antique buttons and ribbon. A zipper was added to the center pocket.
By Barb Clinton
This envelope purse was quilted with machine decorative stitches and embellished with jumbo ricrac.

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