Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Teddy Bear Tea Update

After the Christmas hustle and bustle what will you do? Taxes? Hawaii? Sewing? The critters vote for the latter. As of November 30 there are 78 critters snugly wrapped and tagged in blankets. Please note, I will not be bringing animals to the December luncheon meeting and only requests to the Dec. 19th one as well.

I have lots of dogs, bunnies and bears and beanie babies and other animals. Should you have a request, I will check on the inventory and bring them to a meeting specifically for you. Email me at to make a request. I toddle through thrift stores about once a month looking for the unusual and midsize critters, so your requests give me an idea of what we might want.

I have a thin batting that works nicely in the quilts and some fabric leftovers from comfort quilt purges. I will be bringing some of that along with the fabric/critter “starter kits” in Janu-ary.   Fat quarter sized work nicely with the beanies so they can wrap their guys. Size does matter, it is best if the animal can be burrito rolled in your quilt, keep that in mind when mak-ing choices.

I also want to report that we are down to the last 7 LaValle posters. Two more have sold. They are $40.00 each They might make a great Christmas present, so if you are interested let me know and I will do what I can to make that happen. Again, email me at.  

Finally, I want to give thanks to Donna Evans and Regina Charlton for the many quilts they have produced.

Barbara Clinton