Monday, July 9, 2018

July 5 Show and Tell

Barbara's quilting on this "Apples and Worms" quilt was inspired by Lori Kennedy's tutorials.
Barbara created "Many Sunsets Revisited" in a class on hand stitching.
This wall-hanging from a panel given to Barbara will be donated to the guild's Small Treasures Quilt Auction.
Barbara will donate this quilt to the guild's Teddy Bear Tea service project.
This quilt by Barbara will also be donated to the Teddy Bear Tea service project.
Betty calls this quilt, "My Attempt on Modern"; she used left-over fabric in her stash.
Betty's grandson, who was born in Alaska, requested a bull caribou on his quilt. Betty used  several row by row patterns to frame the center.
Rosemary shows a Comfort Quilt.
Chris shows a Comfort Quilt.
Chris is showing another Comfort Quilt.
While Boots holds part of Katy's quilt, Katy explains that this finished UFO was started when she was 14. She recognizes the fabric as coming from family clothing.
Jacky S. made this quilt for a grand nephew who will be born soon.
Jane used the same pattern for the quilts above and below to use up left-over batik fabric.

Maggie created this quilt from fabric pieces given to her by a friend.
Marilyn and Veronica show fabrics they created in an ice dyeing class taught by Nancy S.

Robyn used fabric she had bought years ago at a Thrift Shop for the fish in the wall-hangings above and below. She named the one above, "Ouch".

Robyn used a McKenna Ryan pattern for this wall-hanging.
Ruthe dyed this old t-shirt in the ice dyeing class.
Ruthe also dyed this subtle fabric.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

June 21 Show and Tell

Barbara's baby quilt will be a comfort quilt donation.

Cathy's pieced this top in a class. She donated it to the Comfort Quilt project.

Cathy made this quilt in a Judy Hopkins mystery class.

Kate's niece, a beginning quilter, made this wall-hanging from a McKenna Ryan pattern with Kate's mentoring.

Pat S. finished this UFO.

Another Pat S. showed an antique top for which her friend requests someone to finish the piecing.

This quilt is one of Robyn's UFOs.