Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Great Alaska Quilt Show Poster

June 15 Show and Tell

For our June 15 program, long-arm quilter Julie Lucht gave a slide presentation to explain the long-arm quilting business and to educate us about problems which might arise with our pieced tops that can add more expense to the long-arm quilters charges. Julie stressed different ways to press seams, the process for squaring up quilt tops, and the preferred size of quilt backing.
Rena introduced Julie Lucht.
Julie presented a slide show about long-arm quilting.

Darlene helped Lois hold up a top Lois bought at an estate sale.
Lois also bought this top at the estate sale.

Friday, June 9, 2017

June 1 Show and Tell

After the business meeting on June 1, several members showed their latest quilting related projects.

Barbara pieced this Smart Girl quilt pattern using fabric from the Comfort Quilts stash.

Boots made this bag in a day.

Boots used this small quilt to experiment with fabric markers and embellishing.

Boots started this flower quilt wall-hanging during a guild program last summer.

Rosemary and Lynne showed several comfort quilts recently finished by guild members.

Comfort Quilt 2

Comfort Quilt 3

Comfort Quilt 4

Comfort Quilt 5

Comfort Quilt 6

Comfort Quilt 7

Comfort Quilt 8

Comfort Quilt 9

Comfort Quilt 10

Comfort Quilt 11

Comfor Quilt 12

Comfort Quilt 13

Gail made this baby quilt which will be a comfort quilt.

Gail's Roosting Robin quilt will be in the small quilt auction at the September quilt show.

Glenda made this "summer quilt" for her grandson. Since his family lives in Malaysia, she didn't use batting in the quilt.

This "summer quilt" for Glenda's son had to be long enough to cover his feet.

Glenda used Teresa Ascone fabric to make this "summer quilt" for her daughter-in-law.

While going through her scrap bag, Glenda found this already finished baby quilt which she will donate to Comfort Quilts.

Glenda will donate this small quilt on which Barbara also added borders .

This comfort quilt donation used left-overs from Glenda's son's quilt.

Another quilt made from scraps by Glenda will be a donation.

Jane was a pattern tester for Gail's pattern, "Kayaks".  Kits for this quilt are available at The Quilted Raven quilt shop.

Linda made small bags following the pattern that Gail demonstrated last month.

Marilyn adapted a quilt design which she found on-line to make this panda quilt.

Marilyn made these colorful shoes from a kit.

Ruth has been experimenting with the portrait she started in Esterita Austin's class.

Ruthe will donate this quilt to the Pioneer Home for people in wheel chairs.

Shirley has finished the cross stitch project which she started working on since her sewing supplies have been packed for her move.