Saturday, November 19, 2016

November 17 Night Group

The Night Group members of ALCQ met to fill Christmas stockings for one of their service projects. Group members had previously sewed the stockings and, on Thursday evening, filled them with a variety of items. Three of Santa's helpers showed up also.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Show & Tell Nov. 3, 2016

This is Deb Hardman posting. I didn't realize I would be doing this today, & left my good camera home, so apologies for the quick shots from my phone, & no notes. Hope you enjoy in spite of the armature photography!

Sandy has been ice dying silk scarves to sell for the holidays.
Gail made her first (& probably last) rag quilt.

Plus a little one for Teddy.

Joy for CASA- auction coming up soon.

This little block she will use for the "Roosting Robin" that we are starting.

Glenda made this for a baby for some fishing friends.
Linda made this from shirt fabric- Salvation Army's Transformed Treasures

 Mary did this painting in Tuscany, then quilted it.
This piece was from a class on the Big Island.

(Should've taken notes! Sorry Lynne)

Mary B made this for Mr Gorilla

A new Mary showed pieces of a quilt she is working on for a baby.

Ruthie was given this vintage quilt top, which she longarm quilted herself.

 The back was nice too.
 Kate made this with a little panel piece. The next meeting will be about creative ways to use panels.
 Delberta showed this block,
This variation on the log cabin,

& a bag that was a gift.

Mary H made this quilt, 

this is the back.

& this one for her own.

Rena is working on the President's challenge & the Roosting Robin-2 for 1!

Below is Betty's Roosting Robin start with a Trish Stewart print, colored by Betty with color pencils.

That's Betty behind this one- (Can't remember what it was about)

This last one is Betty's from her Last Wednesday Group Row by Row group quilt.