Friday, August 7, 2015

August 6 Show and Tell

ALCQ 2015 Raffle Quilt

Pat and Winnie showed the 2015 raffle quilt and reminded members to pick up tickets to sell.  Tickets are $1 each and can be purchased from an ALCQ member or at the Great Alaska Quilts Show on September 12 and 13 at the ConocoPhillips Atrium on 700 G. St.
After the usual first Monday business meeting and birthday cake, members showed a varied, interesting, and beautiful group of quilts.

Since Carol loves to piece tops and hates to quilt them, she challenged herself to quilt a whole cloth panel for practice.
Carol finished this small quilt for  a service project donation.
Carol titled this quilt, "50 Shades of Gray and A Lot of Dirty Words."
Carrie made this artistic and practical wall-hanging with actual wearable jewelry.
Carrie wondered how many small quilts she could make in a day. This one and the 3 following quilts are part of the total of 6 which she completed.

Carrie's Modern Quilting group made blocks which she pieced together and quilted.
This quilt was one of two she made when she had nothing to do on a Monday and Tuesday.
Chris wondered why she doesn't have a lot of quilts to show for her work during the past year. This machined embroidered wall-hanging shows that she has been very, very busy. The pattern was created by Sharon Schamber.
This is one of the approximately 200 service quilts which guild members make and distribute each year. We devote the 5th Thursday of months when they occur to Comfort Quilt work sessions.
Rena and Rosemary show another comfort quilt.
Jackie created this small quilt auction donation in a class she took on a trip to Albuquerque.
This cute Teddy Bear and his quilt were donated by Jeanette to the Teddy Bear Tea guild project.
Jeanette made this quilt from block patterns she picked up at a shop hop of Alaska quilt stores.
This cute moose quilt was in the guild's library exhibit in March.
Jeanette enjoyed the paper piecing class where she worked on this pattern but doesn't think she'll do the pattern again. It had too many small pieces.
Joan showed a wall-hanging created by Jessica in the night group.
Joan made this quilt to satisfy 3 challenges: a donation for the small quilt auction, a quilt made with a previous year's President's challenge fabric, and a food quilt challenge for the night group. She said that the circles reminded her of olives.
This small quilt was made for a bird theme challenge.
Judy paper-pieced this table runner and was happy that it wasn't a larger quilt.
Kate's jacket will be exhibited in the Wearable Arts division of the Great Alaska Quilt Show. She foundation pieced it on a man's work shirt.

Kay showed several quilts which members have made for the Small Quilt Auction held during the Great Alaska Quilts Show. The public can bid in a silent auction which closes at 2 pm on Sunday afternoon.

This is Kay's own quilt made from a Sweet Tea Girls pattern.
Linda made this quilt because the daisies reminded her of many things in her childhood, including pulling petals off in the "Loves me, loves me not" test.
This bright purple rag quilt is another comfort quilt.
Rena's niece will receive this beautiful quilt as a graduation gift.
Rena found an old pieced top in a Seattle garage sale and added more fabric to make a lively quilt. The back has fabric which she was surprised to find for sale at Ikea.
Shirley made this little quilt from felt.
Shirley showed several small quilts she made for the Teddy Bear Tea project. Each little animal has a story to go with it and the quilt.

This small quilt is titled, "An Apple a Day."

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