Sunday, August 23, 2015

August 20 Program and Show and Tell

“South of the Border” was the program presented by the Sew Fine
Quilters small group. Barbara introduced the topic, explaining that they
would be showing different quilt border techniques, not discussing the
latest political issue. She also invited us to enjoy the taco bar provided by
the group at the end of the meeting.

Barbara's cat quilt shows that borders can be different fabrics and colors.
In this quilt, Barbara shows that extra blocks can be placed at corners for added interest. Also, a pieced border adds interest.
This colorful pieced border brightens the quilt.
Barbara's poster shows the mathematical process for determining border length. 
Marge demonstrated ways to fold prairie points.
Mary showed that prairie points can be placed pointing into the quilt top.
Pam talked about finishing the edge of a wedding ring quilt.
Rena's curved borders set off the embroidered top she bought at a garage sale.

Sondra is experimenting with different pieced borders.
Other quilters advised Sondra to add the thin red border, which sets off the center of her quilt.

Skeeter showed the same top with two different colored borderss

Thanks to the Sew Fine Quilters for showing us so many different border options and for providing a quick and tasty lunch. After the program, members showed their latest accomplishments.

Kay and Robyn, the chairpersons of our Small Quilt Auction showed newly donated quilts. The auction will be held during our quilt show on Sept. 12-13. See the Annual Quilt Show Page above for details.

Barbara has recently moved to Arizona. Being without her sewing machine, she has been making yo-yos.
Betty's Centennial quilt was damaged by rain during the display at a recent outdoor event. She removed dye which had bled onto the white background with Soft Scrub with bleach, painstakingly dapping the dye spots with Q-Tips and fine brushes.
Carol created this comfort quilt using the EQ7 program for her embroidery.
Chris tried the twisted log cabin technique on this quilt for the auction.
In another quilt for the auction, Chris used a new crystal tool.
Regina and Jetta showed the most recently finished Comfort Quilts. The guild will soon donate seven bed-size quilts to the Willow wildfire victims.

Gail used the president's challenge block and the design techniques of our upcoming speaker, Rayna Gillman, to create this quilt for the auction.
Jackie's baby quilt is interesting on both sides.

Kate showed a woven quilt wall hanging, a technique she will be teaching in a class at Quilt Zone quilt shop this fall.
Nancy also used Rayna Gillman's technique for her first quilt.

Shirley used free motion quilting on the pineapple block quilt.
Shirley colored the line drawing in the center block of this small quilt.
Shirley pieced a lot of small squares to make this little quilt.

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