Thursday, July 16, 2015

July 16 Program and Show and Tell

Guild member Carrie Payne presented the July program. In her slide presentation, Carrie described her quilt making history. Her people quilts, mostly figures of girls, started with white faces, which she thought were too bland. Then she discovered text fabric to give texture to her figures’ faces and limbs. Carrie uses a variety of embellishments. She pre-quilts the backgrounds and pre-fuses the figures. Then she has the flexibility to match a figure to the background that suits her theme for that quilt. Carrie’s web site is She sells her fabric, patterns, and quilts in the Etsy store. She also teaches an on-line class.

After Carrie's program, guild members showed their recent quilts.

Barbara spent several days with other quilters at a remote cabin, "quilt jail" as she called it. Among other projects that she worked on, Barbara made this "wonky 9-patch" wall-hanging.
Bonnie quilted this panel with advice from other members.
Delberta made a small quilt for the Teddy Bear Quilts project.
Harmony and her husband spend time in the summer in Seldovia where she belongs to a quilt group. She likes to take easily transportable hand work and created this crazy quilt for the small quilt auction.
During her trip to Road to California, Harmony became interested in shaving cream fabric marbling but hadn't tried it. Then her husband did some in a class he teaches for science teachers, came home excited that it would be something Harmony would enjoy, and showed her how to do it. She used her fabric in this little wall-hanging for the small quilt auction.
The pattern name for this quilt made by Jane is "Buck a Block," a program run by Thangles. This pattern was the last one made for Dina's Cozy Cabin Quilts, which is now closed. 
Katy enjoyed using 49 Alaska fabrics to make this quilt for a grand niece's wedding gift.
Shirley finished this little basket which someone had given her.
This little quilt and the ones below are for the Teddy Bear Quilts project.

Sondra and Katy show a comfort quilt made by guild members.
George and Regina show a comfort quilt made by guild members.

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It was an awesome program and the newsletter reporting is great as always--both text and photos.