Monday, May 12, 2014

10 Decades Quilt Entry Form

“A view of Anchorage in Fiber Arts”

Completed quilts are due JULY 1 but will also be received JULY 3 at the ALCQ business meeting or any ALCQ meetings prior to July.

Complete this form and submit a printed copy with your completed quilt to Peggy Brewer (2450 Highgate Cir.) on July 1; contact Peggy at 632-5901 to arrange delivery time.  Email a copy of the complete form (in MS Word) to Katy Neher at, please put 10 Decades and Counting in the subject line.
NAME__________________________________________PHONE #___________________
EMAIL: __________________________________________________________________
QUILT TITLE:_______________________________________________________________
NARRATIVE:  Write a brief narrative (maximum 250 words) of the event, place or person depicted in your quilt and what this means to you and/or Anchorage.  The committee reserves the right to edit and/or request more information.

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