Thursday, April 3, 2014

Revised Backing and Label Requirements for Centennial Quilts

Changes and additions to the 10 Decades and Counting Registration Form:

·      Binding:  Quilts will be non-bound.  They will be finished envelope style or bound with facing.
Directions on “How to Envelope Finish” were recently emailed to ALCQ members.

·    Backing Changes:  The quilt backing will be standardized.  An additional quilt backing will be provided after the quilts have been juried and quilts are accepted into the display.  Submitted quilts are to be backed with a plain cream colored backing (finished in envelope style or bound with a facing).

·      Label Addition:  Please place a small label (no larger than 3.5 inches square) on the back lower right hand corner.  The edges of the label need to be 1.5 inches from the edges of the quilt.  If your quilt is chosen for the Ten Decades and Counting display, the committee will affix an official centennial label over your label.

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