Monday, April 28, 2014

New Library Acquisitions

ALCQ LIBRARY – Recent Acquisitions       

Color Theory Made Easy - DVD  (DVD-12)          Lynnn Krawczyk, 2013
Stitch Imagery - DVD  (DVD-13)      Kelli Nina Perkins, 2009
Rebel Quilting - DVD (DVD-14)      Jamie Fingal, 2011
Master Machine Quilting - DVD (DVD-15)      Susan Brubaker Knapp, 2009
Master Machine Stitching - DVD (DVD-16)      Susan Brubaker Knapp, 2010
Dynamic Quilt Design - DVD (DVD-17)      Susan Brubaker Knapp, 2011
Fabulous Finishes - DVD (DVD-18)      Susan Brubaker Knapp, 2014 
Sweatshirt Transformations  (S-99)      Linda Rohlfing, 2012
Beading Artistry  (B-49)      Thom Atkins, 2012
Big Print Patchwork (B-50)      Sandy Turner, 2013
Brave New Quilts  (B-51)      Kathleen Rickertson,  2013
Civil War Legacies (C-102)      Carol Hopkins, 2012
One Line at a Time  (O-19)      Charlotte Warr Anderson,  2011
Quilt National 2013 (Q-123)      Dairy Barn Art Center, 2013

NOTE:  To suggest the purchase of books or media for the ALCQ library, please contact Darlene Appel or Margaret Gingerich.  Your ideas are appreciated and will be considered. 

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