Thursday, November 8, 2012

Night Group November Fun

On the 3rd Thursday, November 15, the night group will be playing Left Center Right.  Bring 3, 6 or 9 strips of fabric (2 1/2" x width of fabric) to play.  Also bring along finished and works in progress for show and tell.

On the 5th Thursday, November 29, the night group will be filling the 75 stockings we stitched earlier in the year.  Bring stocking stuffers appropriate for children in a variety of ages such as games, toys, puzzles, art supplies, tooth brushes, socks, gloves, school supplies.

Night Group Make It Night - Aprons

Delberta modeling one the aprons she made to demo for the night group


If you are interested in making a similar apron - below is the pattern.

  • Cut material into a square: 23 to 28” using 2 fabrics – one for back and one for front.
  • Cut pocket, if desired, approximately 8 ½” x 6” using fabrics for front and back.
  • Cut two 25” strips 2 ¾” wide for ties. If you need a larger size, cut longer.
  • Cut one 24-25” strip 2 ¾” wide for strap around the neck. This will be used with a button or Velcro closing. If you want a tie, cut 2 about 18” long by 2 ¾” wide. Can use either fabric for this to contrast or match.
  • Fold tie straps in half and sew with a ¼” seam on side and one end. Cut one end each w/a 45 degree angle. Do the same if using 2 ties for the neck. Press seam open here before turning inside out from open end. Press again.
  • For pocket, put two fabrics together, fold in half and cut top front and back pieces at a 45 degree angle. Sew together leaving a 2-3” opening to turn on one side. Turn inside out and press.
  • Place pocket on left or right side 2” from center of apron, about ½ way down. Place apron on you to check for best position. Sew pocket onto apron. Add a button to the “V” part turned over to the front.
  • Place tie strips for sides 4” above diamond point on each side and sew with straps facing the center and seam towards the bottom.
  • Turn down the top point of the apron down towards the front about 5”. Place neck strip on back left side. Sew in place. If using one piece, make a buttonhole in strip and add a button to the back of the apron on opposite side of the strip already sewn. Add a button on the piece folded over in front.
  • Place back to front right sides together and sew on all sides leaving a 3 or 4” piece on side for turning. Round off corners and turn fabric inside out. Poke the points out at all 4 corners. Press.
  • Sew the opening by hand or top stitch around the apron about ¼” from all edges.