Saturday, March 3, 2012

Design Inspiration Lecture.

Deb Hardman's lecture last night was well received. She feels very lucky to belong to such a nice group. Sheshowed 231 slides, while talking about "Design Inspiration" & trying to explain where she finds it, & ' how her mind works'.

She also Demonstrated how she tries out different designs on the computer before stitching quilting on the quilt. She used Jackie Carley's quilt top to show how she does it, then offered to let others try it out. Ruthe was a great sport & gave it a try. After that she asked if they (the audience) had had enough, or wanted to see her suitcase load of quilts.

They all wanted the quilts, so she pulled out about 30 quilts & passed them around, chatting & laughing & having a good time.

There were lots of cookies left over for the classes this weekend. Drop in & grab a few!

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