Saturday, March 3, 2012

Design Inspiration Lecture.

Deb Hardman's lecture last night was well received. She feels very lucky to belong to such a nice group. Sheshowed 231 slides, while talking about "Design Inspiration" & trying to explain where she finds it, & ' how her mind works'.

She also Demonstrated how she tries out different designs on the computer before stitching quilting on the quilt. She used Jackie Carley's quilt top to show how she does it, then offered to let others try it out. Ruthe was a great sport & gave it a try. After that she asked if they (the audience) had had enough, or wanted to see her suitcase load of quilts.

They all wanted the quilts, so she pulled out about 30 quilts & passed them around, chatting & laughing & having a good time.

There were lots of cookies left over for the classes this weekend. Drop in & grab a few!

Friday, March 2, 2012

March 1,2012 Business & Show & Tell

At today's business meeting several items were addressed. We are looking for Ace reporters to help divide up the newsletter tasks for Kate Beebe. Sandy Winfree was nominated due to the fact that she's still in Florida, but we'll have to see if she excepts the nomination. ;~D
A new official "Committee" headed by Judy Veerman, was formed for the Teddy Bear Tea. This year's Teddy Bear Tea brought in another 297 small quilts paired with stuffed animals, donated to local organizations. Our Grand Total is now 1,929. The next year will be out 10th anniversary, will plan on breaking through the 2000 mark, & hope to make it extra special.

Another bit of news, our own Mary Lee was featured in an article of the "Senior Voice".

For March 1st, Show & Tell, Deb H showed her embellished pin mounted on a card,

Her "Sweet Dream" that began years ago in a David Walker workshop (the table cloth part) & finished up finally this past week.
Deb also made this quilted & embellished clock that will go to Margaret G. when she gets back from Utah.
Harmony pieced together this top that was an unfinished project left over from our dear departed, Linn Andrews.
Newsletter babe, Kate B. made these faces of her friends pieces.

Barbara made 2 beautiful small quilts, with lovely embellished binding edges.
Glenda made this lion quilt upon her husband's request, & named it "Peter G" after her husband's mentor.
Linda P. made this 4TH of July quilt from a pattern she found when visiting her daughter. She said the original was done in pastels, but she chose a stronger palate.
She also did this spectacular cathedral windows by machine.
Jane F made this pansy from a Carol Morrisey pattern.
Lynnette showed this flower quilt she made for a Calendar Girls challenge. It will go into the library exhibit.
Ruthe R. did this star quilt from a Buggy Barn Pattern for Comfort Quilts.
She has also been working on pillow cases for our local Clair House. They are always in need of donations of household goods, linens, towels, etc.
Delberta pieced this pretty wall hanging.
Regina has been working on binding more quilts for the Comfort Quilts.
These were also worked on by Rosemary S., Donna E. & Marie F.
Barbara C. made this "Earl Grey to the Rescue" quilt to hang in the library exhibit.
She has also been working on split circles that she inherited from someone else.

Our old friend, Rachel K. surprised us with a visit. Rachel has been busy with other projects for the past 6 years, but is getting back into quilting & brought some of her latest projects to share. She has been spending time down in Mexico, where she & her DH have built a 2nd home. Their housekeeper there does hand embroidery. Rachel has been taking inspiration from old petroglyph designs, & drawing them out on white fabric, then her housekeeper & some of her friends do the hand embroidery. Rachel is supplying the materials, & doing the piecing & quilting, then selling the pieces. The money is all going to the Mexican women doing the embroidery.

Kay B. bought this quilt for $20.00 from a 2nd hand shop on Base, & donated it to our Comfort Quilts.
Betty B. reminded everyone that the craft exhibits are going on for Fur Rondy at the Northway Mall.

Pat S. told us:

First Friday Opening March 2, 2012

Quilts for a Healthy Afghanistan

Great Harvest Bread
570 East Benson Blvd

The proceeds from the sale of the quilts will be contributed to the scholarship fund for Romal Safi, an extraordinary young man who is a freshman at UAA. Romal came to Alaska as an exchange student from Afghanistan under a program sponsored by the US State Department that selects promising high school students from Muslim countries. He wanted to return to Alaska for college with the goal of completing a medical education that he can use to provide health care in his home country. His family sold property and his host family worked with UAA to arrange a slot for him in the freshman class of 2011.

The quilts were created by a group of adventurous Anchorage sewers who have been making and donating quilts to various non-profit causes. Quilts have been donated to a school for orphans in Guatemala and others have been sold to support CASA, court-appointed special advocates who represent children's interests in court proceedings, the Alaska Botanical Garden, and the West High Swim Team.

Quilters include Nan Thompson, Tina Tomsen, Ellen Toll, Cammy Taylor, Jeanie Smith, Pat S---, Elise Rose, Colleen Ray, Bonny Headley, Julie Drake, and Wendy Arnett.

Please join us at the opening!