Friday, February 3, 2012


please forward this message to all ALCQ members: (& anyone else who may be interested)
The lecture for tonight, & the weekend classes for Saturday & Sunday are cancelled due to this crazy snow- fall & wicked weather! Deb Hardman is snowed in on the hillside, the road hasn't been plowed, & the driveway is knee deep & getting deeper! We MAY be able to get out some time after noon tomorrow, but after talking with Mary, it's been decided that the whole weekend will get rescheduled. She is trying to talk to the school to see what works for them, & will let us all know when she knows.
Sorry for the change in plans. We'll do our best to make it work when we can. I'm all packed & ready to go!
Stay safe, & stay warm my friends!
Warm hugs,
Deb Hardman

Feb. 2 Show & Tell

The above quilt was quilted by Deb Hardman, & will soon be donated to the Aquarian school as a thank you for the use of the facility for the classes we will be doing there in the near future. The top was donated to the quilt guild years ago, & we think it was from Dee Morrow, just before she moved away. If anyone knows more, let us know!
Rena B. made this quilt when she went to the night group meeting that Carrie Payne
Carol did this ABC quilt for a teddy bear.
Barb C. made 4 double sided quilts for teddies & friends.

Judy Wedemeyer showed these quilts for teddy's friends,

& this one for the Providence Spiritual Core group.
Harmony showed this quilt top for the comfort quilts.
Barb R. showed 2 teddy bear quilts that she used her embroidery machine to quilt.

Delberta had a teddy bear quilt, & a bag to share.

Kay F. brought in a raccoon named Maxine & her little kit Max.
Here is the quilt she made for them to share.
Pat S. showed a teddy bear quilt,

& a comfort quilt that she did the binding on.
Lynne showed a baby quilt,
& a new bag she made.
Judy V. showed a few of the 36 teddy & friends quilts that our over best achiever Donna Evans made.

Bonnie bound this comfort quilt.
Regina bound these...

Ruthe R. shared her "blue-violet" study from a group challenge that was headed by Harriet S.
This is another of Delberta's quilts, & it will be going to hang at the Providence Medicare clinic for a while. Other members are welcome to loan quilts for both Medicare clinics & the Airport.
Rosemary finished her Maxine pillow case.
& showed another piece of fabric that she intends to pin up & mark the places she has visited. She bought both of these projects at a quilt show she went to in California.
Irene had 3 teddy bear quilts to show.

Our next meeting on Feb. 16th is the Teddy Bear & Friends Tea