Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dec. Business meeting 2010

Jackie Carley wants you to take a peek at the quilt she made for her brother's 4 legged child (otherwise known as dog). Just click on the link here.

The business meeting was very entertaining. Rena was given a crown, from Carol Wright Jones. She loaned it to Linda Postelwaite for taking the lead as Chairperson for the Library Exhibit in March.

We had lots of cake/brownies for the December birthdays.

Pam Harris shared her Fast Friday challenge, which was supposed to only use one shape.

Ruthe Rasmussen shared to table runners in progress.
I think she was praying here that she could get them done before Christmas.

This is a table-topper hat she began many years ago, & hadn't finished until recently. She said the center didn't come together properly, but she just solved the problem by appliqueing a circle in the center, from green fabric.

Margaret H bought the above book while she was on vacation & did this wool crazy quilt from inspiration found in the book. It was all done by hand, in her lap while riding around the country.

Several comfort quilts have been finished & turned in.

Marie Fujimura made this for a new grandchild, coming soon.

Linda Postelwaite started this beauty in a class she took from Elly Sienkiewicz.

She did Lazy Daisey stitches along the edges of the leaves with silk ribbon, to give them a serrated edge.

Mary Huey made this for one of her nieces.

Kay Fiaro finished hand appliqueing & hand quilting this lovely piece.

In the outer white border, she did tucks with pearls holding them in place.

This is another of her all hand quilts.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday party 2010

It was a grand time. We wish you could have been with us! Happy Holidays!