Sunday, October 9, 2016

Viewers' Choice Winners at 2016 Great Alaska Quilt Show

Congratulations to these Viewers' Choice Winners for 2016.

Large Quilt Winner: Carol's Heavenly Garden by Carol Wight-Jones, Deb Hardman, Mary Lee and Jan Wills.

Small Quilt Winner: Effervescence by Kay Baehr

Miniature Quilt Winner: Birches by Chris Matiukas

Mixed Media Quilt Winner: Call Me by Linda Postlethwait

Modern Quilt Winner: Birch Trees by Irene Stewart

Medium Quilt Winner: Jacobean Journey by Elizabeth Roberts

Wearables Winner: Black Jacket by Jane Ferguson

Friday, September 16, 2016

2016 Great Alaska Quilt Show

The 2016 Great Alaska Quilt Show is finally here!

Join us Saturday, September 17th and Sunday, September 18th from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm at the ConocoPhillips atrium located at 700 G St. 

For more information on the quilts displayed at the show - visit our show page.

For more information on the Stitch to Win Community Quilt - click here.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

2016 Raffle Quilt

This beautiful quilt is the 2016 ALCQ Raffle Quilt. The drawing will be held at 3:30 pm on  Sunday afternoon, Sept. 18. Tickets can be purchased at the quilt show on Saturday-Sunday, Sept. 18-19, or from a guild member. You do not need to be present to win.

The quilt was created by Glenda Burk. It was quilted by Irene O'Brien, and bound by Ruthe Rasmussen.

Friday, September 2, 2016

September 1, 2016, Program and Show and Tell

During a short program, Kate demonstrated the construction process for the Three-Seam Christmas Stocking that the Night Group makes as a service project.
In preparation for ALCQ's 2016 Great Alaska Quilt Show, Marilyn and Katy demonstrated the proper way to hang quilts on the racks. We expect to have a fantastic show on September 17-18 at the ConocoPhillips Atrium. Check the Annual Quilt show page for details.
Bonnie designed and created "Mermaid Kisses and Starfish Wishes" for a niece who is expecting. Bonnie's sister requested that the mermaid not have a head so that the child's head can fill that space.

Chris created this small wall-hanging using a block from a Teresa Ascone panel.

Chris created this reversible quilt in a class taught by Barbara Shapel. The machine stitching is done in a way that creates both a front image (above) and a back image (below). Amazing!

Darlene's visiting granddaughter made this small quilt to go with the floppy frog lying on the table.

Darlene pieced and quilted this modern table-runner.

Previously, Deb has made a quilt from her daughter's deceased friend's clothing. Using left-over fabric, Deb made this bowl for her daughter.

This Christmas wall-hanging is the result of blocks given Deb by the guild she belonged to in Michigan.

Members "oohed and aahed" over Deb's intricate quilting on this gift for her granddaughter.

Shiva paint sticks provide the color in Deb's small quilt for her granddaughter.

Delberta made this quilt for the Small Quilt Auction.

Jetta showed this quilt, one of her recent projects.

Jetta used the Stair Bender pattern for this quilt for her son.

Lynne's daughter-in-law bought this appliqu├ęd and hand-quilted beauty at an estate sale on Whidby Island for the huge price of $19.00. Below, Lynne is showing the pillow sham that came with it.

Marge is hidden behind this huge Hunter's Star quilt which she pieced.

Marilyn M shows a wall-hanging/clock which will be available for bidding in the Small Quilt Auction.

Marilyn G made this quilt for the Small Quilt Auction.

Mary B stitched this piece for the Small Quilt Auction.

This little quilt by Mary H will also be available for bidding in the Small Quilt Auction.

Shirley and a friend made this colorful and intricate scarf.

Monday, August 22, 2016

August 18, 2016, Program and Show and Tell

Our August program featured Alaska watercolor artist Teresa Ascone, who showed us her design process in a PowerPoint presentation. Teresa's blouse was created using the fireweed fabric from her new line.

Nancy Sopp (center) also presented a program showing her yarn dyeing process. Jane and Lynne are admiring Nancy's yarn and handiwork.

Bonnie (left) showed a modern quilt she made for her daughter. She quilted it herself on a long arm machine for the first time. This photo shows the quilt back.

This photo shows the quilt front.

Bonnie helped Rosemary show several comfort quilts made by members.

Irene donated this whole-cloth, machine quilted piece to the small quilt auction at September's quilt show.

Jerry showed two quilt tops. 
Jetta created this auction quilt using Teresa Ascone's fabric.

Kate showed a fabric sconce created by Jan Wallace from Kenai.

Jan also made this wall-hanging that Kate showed us.

Lynne made a small quilt for the auction.

Marilyn (right) showed the row quilt made for her by members of the Last Wednesday small group.

Marilyn decided that cutting enough triangles for the original pattern was more work than she wanted to do so she made a strip quilt.

Peggy (left) created this row quilt.

Shirley made several small quilts to donate to the September quilt show auction.