Sunday, July 24, 2016

July Program: Flower Still Life Mystery Project

Our Program Chairperson, Barbara, greeted us wearing a fancy hat and directed us to create flower arrangements in a vase with the fusible-backed fabric we had brought from our stashes. The following photos show members fussy cutting flowers, leaves, stems, and vases, while visiting with our table mates.

After our allotted hour of work time, we showed our finished vase collages. Then Barbara asked us to leave our finished pieces on the table and go out of the room. When we returned to the room, we found a surprise at our work sites and were given homework instructions. The finished products will be shown in the August 4 Show and Tell blog.

Friday, July 1, 2016

ALCQ Night Group Service Project

The Night Group put together wheel chair size quilt tops from stripped pieced blogs created on the Day Group Service Quilt day.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Modern Quilts Program June 16

Since the ALCQ September quilt show will have a special category for Modern Quilts, quilt show organizers Katy and Lynne introduced the category during our June 16 program. Although Katy focused on 10 characteristics of Modern Quilts in a Power Point presentation, she also said, "If you think your quilt is a modern quilt, it is." Members showed examples of Modern Quilts they have made.

George titled this quilt "Modern Quilt Meets Old Pattern" since he based it on the Garden Gate pattern from a magazine.

This quilt by George began as a way to use up left-over 4 patches. He quilted it on his sashiko machine. 

Katy used a pattern from a previous quilt with plain fabrics to create this Modern Quilt.

Linda has been teaching a class on incorporating fine lines in quilt design. She used a stabilizer instead of batting to create a more art-like appearance.

Mary finished this quilt top using a Kate Fassett pattern and fabric. Even though the pattern doesn't have the expansive negative space of usual Modern Quilts, we agreed that it fits the category.

After their presentation, Katy and Lynne handed out construction paper for us to create our own Modern Quilt designs.

We ended the program with Show and Tell.

"Call Me" is Linda's title for this quilt which was inspired by the barbed wire fences she saw on a 12,000 miles cross country road trip.

Bonny titled this quilt, "Empty Nester."

Bonny made this quilt with moose and bear fabric for her husband.

Bonny quilted this panel of cranes.

Another of Bonny's creations.

Darlene showed this Comfort Quilt.

Darlene added the binding to this Comfort Quilt created by Donna and Glenda.

Darlene pieced this quilt top from a kit called "Twilight".

This small quilt uses left-over cat fabric from another quilt which Darlene pieced.

Another use of the cat fabric by Darlene.

Katy finished this quilt after 16 years.

Lynne quilted this baby quilt.

Marilyn made this utilitarian frog for a friend's birthday gift.

Betty made this Comfort Quilt from found blocks.

Joan showed these Christmas stockings to the Day Group at our program.  Making the stockings is a service project by the Night Group. At their evening meeting, the Night Group sewed 100 lined and cuffed stocking in 90 minutes. Maybe thinking about Christmas helped them cope with the 80 degree temperature on Thursday.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

2016 Retreat--"Ain't We Sweet"

Peggy's quilt covered car greeted retreat attendees.

On May 12-15, the annual ALCQ retreat was held at North Star Bible Camp near Willow, AK. Thank you to the quilt shops in Anchorage, Palmer, and Wasilla who donated items for our goody bags and door prizes. The shops are listed in this blog sidebar. Thanks also to the camp staff for making our stay pleasant and comfortable. Finally, thanks go to the Retreat Committee who worked hard to make our weekend fun and productive.

Committee Chairperson Cheryl

Retreat Committee member Barbara gave instructions on how to finish our goody bags. Our challenge for next year is to bring our customized goody bags to show everyone.

Elaine, another Retreat Committee member, explains how she finished her tote bag.

Joan and Rhonda, also Retreat Committee members, showed their finished bags.
One of our most popular activities is the raffle basket. Last year's raffle proceeds supported two baskets this year. Thanks to Olivia, a committee member who spent hours choosing just the right items for the baskets.
In keeping with the candy theme, the small quilt challenge was to make a quilt representing a favorite candy bar.
Diane won the Viewer's Choice award for her quilt representing her husband catching her sneaking candy.

The block for the drawing was titled "Milky Way".
Each attendee brought a half yard of spectacular fabric for our fabric exchange.

Cathie, Peggy, and Marge with their final fabrics.

Dawn and Julia

Elaine, Marilyn M, Katy, Marilyn B, and Lynne

Joan K, Cheryl, and Olivia

Mary B, Jacky S, and bashful Skeeter

Sandra and Betty

Winnie, Mary G, and Margaret

Clara Jo
Patsy works on an appliqué piece.

Kathy A.

Cathy L. at sewing machine

At Saturday evening's Show and Tell, we enjoyed seeing what we quilters had accomplished during this retreat and since the last retreat.

Barbara's table topper

Betty is designing a plaid quilt.

Betty's Hawaian appliqué block




Dawn's wool appliqué from a class in Delta

Debbie's quilt from an aunt


Diane fell in love with pictorial appliqué quilts after taking a class.

Elaine worked on various quilt blocks during the retreat.

Jacky made a quilt for the candy quilt challenge.

Jessica's tree quilt

Joan pieced this quilt during the retreat.

Joan B

Joan K finished her ruler tote bag.

Joan K

Julia (on right) loves Kafe Fassett fabrics.





Margaret made a pillow cover from scraps.

Margaret's chicken from a Laura Wasilowski appliqué class.

One of Margaret's ice dyed fat quarters from a class by Cindy Lohbeck.

Marilyn B

Marilyn M

Mary B also loves Kafe Fassett fabrics and continues to piece one of his patterns.

Mary G showed one of the flower blocks which was appliquéd by a friend and which Mary is thread embellishing.



Ruth showed a block on which she is doing very intricate "rice" stitching.


Sandra finished a tote bag.


Skeeter hid behind this colorful quilt.