Guild Contacts

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ALCQ Board 2018-2019
President                                  Gail Ramsay
Past President                          Barbara Clinton
Vice President                          Boots Wilson
Secretary                                  Jackie Strong/Maggie Clark
Treasurer                                  Karen Wegg

Day Member at Large               Harmony Moser, Rhonda Foster

Night Member at Large                                                         
Committee Chairs
Alaska and Beyond                   JoAnn Gruber

Birthday Cakes                          Gail Ramsey

Comfort Quilts                           Lynne Seitz
                                                  Regina Charlton

Education and Programs           Marilyn Moreno
                                                  Kate Beebe

Hospitality Day                          Rena Brinker

Hospitality Night                        Anne Ashton

Celebration of Quilts Exhibit      Rena Brinker

Library                                       Darlene Appel
                                                  Margaret Gingerich

Membership                              Delberta Trevithick

Newsletter                                 Kate Beebe

Publicity                                     Katy Neher

Raffle Quilt                                Pam Bickford

Quilt Show                                Betty Rogers

Retreat                                     Cheryl Ann Griffin

Small Quilt Auction                  Peggy Brewer

Sunshine                                 Joan Brewer

Teddy Bear Tea and Quilts      Barbara Clinton and Mary Hallman

Blog                                         Katy Neher

Please check the Directory for Board or Committee member contact information.


Unknown said...

Hello quilters! My Mother Geri was an avid sewer, she is now suffering from dementia and no longer able to sew. I am trying to find a new home for her sewing table. It is a "Quiltmate." If anyone is in need of a nice sewing table at a bargain price please see my ad on Craigslist.
Thank you,
Paula Kottre Rogers

Unknown said...

Would you help me complete a lifelong desire to create a quilt with buttons that have stories?
I started teaching children how quilts played a part in our history. I was awed by the children’s reactions to antique quilts I brought in that had a story.
I want to create a quilt that each patch has a button on it with a story.
Buttons often accompany us to amazing places or doing amazing things. Do you have a button that climbed a mountain? One that jumped out of an airplane? Accompanied a love one in fighting a battle to protect our freedom or one off from a long time police officer who has served to protect? Surprise me!
Send me what you have! No one uses the last button or sometimes the very top button…it will never be missed but it will be creating an amazing piece of history. If you provide your address I will send you a picture when I’m done and all the stories I have collected.
Please send your buttons to:
Lisa Archer
254 Arrowsic Road
Arrowsic, ME 04530
Please pass along to as many people you can to help.