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ALCQ Board 2017
President                  Barbara Clinton
Past President          Glenda Burk
Vice President          Gail Ramsay
Secretary                  Ruthe Rasmussen/Mary Bristol
Treasurer                  Katy Neher

Day Member at Large           Judy Crosby
                                              Mary Lee
Night Member at Large         Nellie Greenlee
                                              Lisa Phillips
                                              Carrie Payne

Committee Chairs
Alaska & Beyond                   JoAnn Gruber
Activity Table                         Pat Sims
Birthday Cakes                      Gail Ramsey
                                               Jane Ferguson
Comfort Quilts                        Rosemary Slisz
                                               Rena Brinker
Education Committee            Kate Beebe
                                              Annette Alleva
Hospitality Day                      Rena Brinker
Hospitality Night                    Anne Ashton
Library Exhibit                       Rena Brinker
Library                                   Darlene Appel
                                              Margaret Gingerich
Membership                          Boots Wilson
Newsletter                             Kate Beebe
                                              Delberta Trevithick
Program Coordinator Day     Barbara Clinton
Program Coordinator Night   Carrie Payne
Raffle Quilt                            Pam Bickford/Mary Lee
Quilt Show                            Glenda Burk
                                              Lynne Seitz
Retreat                                  Cheryl Ann Griffin
Small Quilt Auction              Kay Baehr
                                              Robyn Maas
Sunshine                               Joan Brewer
Teddy Bear Tea and Quilts   Sandra Dozzo
Blog                                     Margaret Gingerich
                                              Debra Jo Hardman

Please check the Directory for Board or Committee member contact information.

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