2018 Great Alaska Quilt Show Little Quilts

400 Little Quilts


by Linda Postlethwait

I enjoyed making the miniature boxers. The 1930's reproduction fabric seems to add to the style of the boxers. The quilt is machine quilted. Pattern: "Boxer Mania" by Cindy Cooksey.


Leisure Sneakers
by Linda Postlethwait

This original design quilt was made after receiving Teresa Ascone's "Alaska in Bloom" panel which I used on the top portions of the boots. I took one of my husband's photos and made fabric for the lower portion of the boots. The boots have an extra layer of batting to give the trapunto effect. The words "Leisure Sneakers" are hand embroidered. The quilt is machine quilted.


If Ptarmigan Migrated to Florida
by Glenda Burk

Two things inspired this quilt. First, I joined a Collage Quilting Group on Facebook which included a free quail pattern. Second, the Valley Quilters Guild has a two crayon challenge for 2018. I drew the colors magenta and white. The rule is you can use any shade of your two colors. Using the quail pattern and these two colors, I thought this is what would happen to the white Alaska Ptarmigan if it spent the winter in Florida.


by Nancy Freeborn
quilted by Jonni Myrick

Made with scraps from a previous Thimbleberries project and four orphan tulip blocks. Machine pieced.


by Robyn Maas

I bought this unusual fabric many years ago, thinking it might come in handy some day. When I saw
McKenna Ryan's "Coho" pattern, I knew that day had come - perfect for a Coho, even a snagged one!


Bruschetta and Vino Rossi
by Robyn Maas

As I made this quilt, I imagined "A jug of wine, a loaf of bread and thou"–such happy thoughts! Machine pieced and quilted. Pattern by McKenna Ryan.


Geary Puzzle
by Robyn Maas

I bought this pattern at a Robbi Joy Eklow class in 2012. It has taken me 6 years to tackle it, but finally the inspiration came, due to an ALCQ challenge. Machine pieced and quilted.


Sashiko Bamboo
by Mary Huey

Hand stitched sashiko, raw edge appliqué, machine and hand quilting. Sashimi and bird design by Sylvia Pippin.


Alaskan Flower Mandala Unplugged
by Veronica Haberthuer

All handwork - no machine. Techniques: quilting, appliqué, lace knitting, crochet, embroidery and bead work. Original design inspired by Ann Myhre's on-line "Mandala Unplugged" and Alaskan wildflowers.


Crenelations–A View From the Dungeon
by Jetta Brewer Huber

Experimenting with an orphan fabric.


Salem Quilt Show
by Mary P. Lee

Plain panel, cut apart and then more witches added.


by Jane Ferguson

Machine pieced and quilted. Pattern uses a "twister" tool to make the pinwheel design. Pattern by Need'l Love.


Life Force
by Jane Ferguson

Machine pieced and quilted. Design uses an adapted log cabin block. Designed by Bradley Design House.


Sunshine and Rainbows
by Chris Matiukas

I wanted to try the curvy log cabin technique and circular quilting. Using up scraps was a bonus.


Off the Cuff
by Linda Postlethwait

This quilt is made using the cuffs I cut off the many shirts I have used to make quilts. It is an original design. The quilt is machine quilted.


President's Challenge 2018
by Delberta Trevithick

I used the guild's President's Challenge fabric to make bowties on this quilt.


Broken Dishes
by Delberta Trevithick

These blocks were in my stash, and I put them on my Bucket List to finish this spring.


Fountain Plant
by Delberta Trevithick

I found these blocks in my stash, so made more, and the flowers from an oriental book completed the quilt.


by Kay Baehr

I purchased this Caryl Bryer Fallert pattern and fabric when I went to the Houston Quilt Show in 2014. The flying geese were done with freezer paper and the cranes were added using fusible appliqué.


Cycle of Renewal
by Sandra Jo Bleicher

This quilt was conceived on the beach at Pokai Bay, HI. Watching my grandchildren enjoy the beach and surf, I could see a little of my children and myself, indeed a little of all of us, in them, - in their play and their reaction to the ocean. The water brought joy to them and they brought joy to me in life's cycle of renewal. This quilt is my first attempt at pictorial quilt making. It was inspired by a photo of my 3 grandchildren.


In Full Bloom
by Sandra Jo Bleicher
quilted by Sharon Hughes

This quilt was made for my three year old granddaughter. I enjoyed shaking it up a bit and making it my own by adding buttons, beads and bugs, as well as changing up the decorative stitches. Please note, the dragonflies are my creation.


Orange tree
by Sandra Jo Bleicher

This project is a collage of several unfinished projects. The tree and ravens are from UFO project patterns. They were added to the pieced background to become something original.


Hummingbird's Spring
by Sandra Jo Bleicher

This small quilt is a 12 by 12 inch Spring-Teal Challenge with lots of fun embellishment, including the use of a porcupine quill for the hummingbird's beak.


Colors of My Yard
by Sandra Jo Bleicher
quilted by David P. Bleicher

This quilt began in an improv class. I have never been very good at following directions, so I let it take its own direction. Its colors are reminiscent of those in my yard - the purple of poppies, red berries, and primroses of many colors all surrounded by moss.


Magpies and Dragonflies
by Sandra Jo Bleicher

A Crayon Challenge: given three crayons, create a quilt using only the three crayon colors drawn blindly (grey, black and cadet blue) plus one other (I chose green), and incorporate the crayons into the quilt. Can you find them?


by Sandra Jo Bleicher

This was a one-week challenge quilt. The topic: Triangulation. This is where it took me.


Stack 'n Whacky
by Jetta Brewer Huber

Designed to utilize the President's Challenge fabric.


Whodav Thunkit
by Jetta Brewer Huber

Mystery: add one different technique each month.


Recalling Giza II–Egyptian Series #6
by P. Sims


Alaska's Onion Domes
by Gail Ramsay

Inspired by Russian Orthodox churches in Alaska.


Kotzebue Ice Fishing
by Gail Ramsay

A bird's eye view of an Alaskan tradition.


by Gail Ramsay

I'm a big fan of the Alaska SeaLife Center.

This quilt is for sale. Please see the membership desk at the main entrance for information.


Santa's Funky Tree
by Barbara Clinton

A wall hanging using scrap fabrics from my stash. I made it to practice my free motion quilting. Pattern by Patch Abilities.


by Barbara Clinton

This is inspired by a class by Carrie Payne. The cat embellishments were made by my daughter.


I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
by Barbara Clinton

Made from my scrap stash and a gift fabric from Kate Beebe for the 2018 Retreat Challenge. Not one rose in the garden, but two cats.


"Cheery" Blossoms
by Barbara Clinton

The inspiration was the piece of home dec fabric, my desire to learn to free motion quilt and art pencils in my craft closet. The frame and background came from the guild's free table.


Funny Business
by Diane Youngblood

This was made from the President's Challenge fabric.


Mini Fourth
by Jacky Strong

From the book Small Talk by Donna Lynn Thomas. Pattern is "Around the Twist".


Still Life 3
by Kate Beebe

Pieced back, thread play and 3D flowers in a glass vase.


Still Life 2
by Kate Beebe

Woven fabric strips and 3D flowers add life to a table top.


Boro Landscape
by Kate Beebe

Boro is a Traditional Japanese technique for repairing cloth "wear and tear" by appliquéing patches to garments with long utility stitches.


Scowling Owl
by Kate Beebe

Even owls can have a bad night. Owl from a panel on pieced background.

This quilt is for sale. Please see the membership desk at the main entrance for information.


Just Felt Like Doodling
by Kate Beebe

Just practicing free motion quilting on a felt square.


by Kate Beebe

Inspired by artwork at Alaska Bagel Factory.

This quilt is for sale. Please see the membership desk at the main entrance for information.


Memories of the 2017 Eclipse
by Susie Coates

The raven sees the sun turn black and wonders why. The raven sees the sun turn black and thinks he'll have to tell the world goodbye. Pattern by Barbara Jones.


For Joanie
by Marilyn Moreno

The table runner was inspired by a quilt on the internet. It is made of wacky log cabin blocks that are machine pieced and machine quilted.


Iris Panels
by Irene Stuart and Susie Coates
quilted by Jeanette Dillon

"Iris Panels" made for church altars to celebrate spring and summer for First Congregational Church. Found this photo on the internet. Had photo enlarged to fit panels. Hand appliquéd by Irene Stewart and Susie Coates.


Lake Grass
by Bonny Rivera

Grass was machine pieced. Appliquéd fish with free motion quilting. Used metallic thread for fish scales.


Forest Jewels
by Bonny Rivera

Machine pieced trees and stream, adding bushes and bears. Free motion quilting.


Symbol of Freedom
by Neli Greenlee

After I saw this small quilt in Eleanor Burns' Quilt In a Day magazine, I knew I had to make it to honor my son. He was twice deployed to Afghanistan while serving in the Marine Corps. This quilt was machine pieced and machine quilted plus hand appliquéd. Designed by Sue Bouchard.


Color Pops
by Joyce Webster

Skinny Quilts book by Kim Schaefer. Bright color fabrics sided with the black fabric make the COLOR POP. Great as a table runner or a wall hanging.

This quilt is for sale. Please see the membership desk at the main entrance for information.


Shade of Summer
by Joyce Webster

I love working with bright colored fabric. This quilt was from the Skinny Quilts book by Kim Schaefer. I quilted it using a multi colored thread using a flower decorative stitch on my machine.

This quilt is for sale. Please see the membership desk at the main entrance for information.


Happy Jacks
by Joyce Webster

Kim Schaefer's book, Skinny Quilts, was used for this quilt. I love working with bright colors and the appliquéd "jacks" make for a fun wall hanging or table runner.

This quilt is for sale. Please see the membership desk at the main entrance for information.


Abstract #1
by Sandy Winfree

Hand painted fabric.


Abstract #2
by Sandy Winfree

Hand painted fabric.


Dad's Do-Dads
by Deb Hardman

When my dad died, I kept the little can of do-dads he had on his desk with this idea in my head. 7 years later it's done! Hand embroidery and mixed media paints.


Stop to Smell the Flowers
by Margaret Gingerich

This two-fabric reverse appliqué pattern was designed by Connie Johnson Sayler from Pacific Rim Quilts. I needle-turn appliquéd the top and then machine quilted the quilt.


Mod Owls
by Mary Huey

Machine pieced, machine appliquéd. Pattern by Sew Kind of Wonderful. This is a gift for baby Patrick, son of dear friends.


In Their Easter Bonnets
by Sandra Dozzo

This is my first of 3 President's Challenge quilts–2015.


Sail Away With Me
by Sandra Dozzo

Three President's Challenges that helped me to see beyond a traditional quilt–2016.


Tropical Beauty
by Sandra Dozzo

The President's Challenge has helped me to be more creative and see beyond traditional quilts–2017.


Line Challenge
by Out of the Box (Small Art Quilt Group)

A challenge we gave our group: a one-inch turquoise line across your piece as a study of line.

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