2018 Great Alaska Quilt Show Row Quilts

500 Row by Row Challenge Quilts


Into Every Dog's Life, Some Cats Must Fall
by Glenda Burk

This quilt was made as part of the 2018 ALCQ Row Challenge. Each month, members were given a color, a quilting technique and an inspiration word. The challenge was to pick a theme, design, construct and finish the quilt prior to the 2018 Great Alaska Quilt Show. This quilt will be given to Friends of Pets for their auction.


Alaska Was Home
by Lynne R. Seitz

My friend, Jo Ellen, lived in Alaska from 1983 to 2017. She has recently retired to Washington state, but I wanted her to remember the state she left behind. Her cats are seen in one panel, her home in another and the school where we taught in a third. Friends from her bridge group signed their names on yet another.


by Peg Brewer

Each row in my ALCQ Row Challenge quilt was inspired by the monthly inspiration. This is represented by a quote containing the inspirational "word". The color is my interpretation represented in the color of the lettering in each quote. The monthly technique is represented on the left-hand side of each row/block.


Calendar Quilt Row by Row
by Barbara Clinton

This quilt was made in response to the 2018 Row Challenge. It became a challenge–and large.


Seasons of the Desert Southwest
by Margaret Gingerich

The ALCQ Row Challenge kept me busy all winter, planning how to fit the color, technique and inspiration word requirements to my theme of the desert Southwest environment. I enjoyed the challenge but took "quilter's license" to combine some rows and leave out others since my quilt was growing longer than I wanted.


Row by Row Neighbors
by Nancy Freeborn

This Row Challenge certainly made me try new techniques! It was machine stitched, machine quilted and sashed together.

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