2018 Great Alaska Quilt Show Quilts: Wearables

600 Wearables


Cathedral Windows Pillow
by Barbara Clinton

Glenda Burk taught a 4th Thursday class which resulted in this pillow.


Free Jacket
by Gail Ramsay

Pat Sims gave me the outer shell fabric; Ruthe Rasmussen gave me the windstop fleece for the lining. The appliqué is from upholstery fabric samplers–all silk. This jacket has been worn a lot.


Angelica's Jacket One
by Connie Cloud

I took the Angelica's Jacket class at the Quilt Zone. I was intrigued by some of the design elements of the sample. The material I wanted to use for the collar band was only about a third of the length I needed. By adding the piping between the lengths of material, I was able to add some design elements and get the length I needed for the border. It was just dumb luck how well the piping lines up with the other side.


Angelica's Jacket Two
by Connie Cloud

I had so much fun making Jacket One that a Jacket Two was a must. The basic idea came from using the Ricky Tims Convergence Quilt design. All the material came from my stash. I really liked the light stripy color material. . . but couldn't find anything else that could relate to it. Then I flipped the material over and decided to go with the back side of the same material.


Angelica's Jacket Three
by Connie Cloud

this jacket is made up of all those worthless pieces of material that are not big enough to make anything out of, but you just love too much and can't throw out. The extra splash of color is courtesy of Barbara Clinton's Presidential Challenge fabric. The lining of this jacket did not play well. All the other linings went in without much trouble–not this one. I think I'm on my third try. It is what it is.


Iris Purse
by Barbara Clinton

A spring purse with embellished shoulder straps. Completed for the Bucket List Challenge.


Cat Purse
by Barbara Clinton

A winter version of my favorite purse, customized for me.


Floral Vest
by Kate Beebe

From an overabundance of floral fabrics, this garden grew.


Crazy Shawl
by Kate Beebe

A little chill calls for a little cover. Great opportunity to practice free motion stitching.


Upstyled Shirt
by Kate Beebe

Boring denim shirt upgraded with appliqué and some free motion threadwork. Collar and cuffs cut off for different look.


Geese on Parade
by Ruthe Rasmussen

Made in a class taught by Jan Sant at Quilt Zone. Used fabric from my stash–no purchase of more fabric.


Silk A-Line Evening Jacket
by Mary Gerken

This silk evening jacket had its beginnings with a beautiful embroidery piece given to me by Jane Ferguson. The Rachel Clark class in Fairbanks helped bring this piece to life.


Fighting Dragons Grey Tote Bag
by Katy Neher

I've been doing some "experimenting" quilting leather on my longer, Matilda. This is one of my finished projects. The dragon quilt pattern is by Anne Bright Designs.


Tea Time
by Marilyn Moreno

Using a variety of tea bags and my home computer printer, I copied the tea bags onto fabric and I used Insult-Bright to ensure hot tea for any party.


Sisters by Heart Vest and Jewelry
by Deb Hardman

Another of Carol's unfinished projects. The 2 front pieces were started but not finished or quilted. Deb pieced the back, embellished, and quilted and otherwise finished the vest, then made matching necklace and earrings.

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