2018 Great Alaska Quilt Show Quilts: Small Quilts

300 Small Quilts


by Linda Postlethwait

The center is a panel that I thread painted. The outer border was added to frame the panel. The quilt is machine quilted.


Shine Bright
by Nancy Freeborn
quilted by Jonni Myrick

This was a panel with borders added. The quilt is machine pieced. Quilted by Jonni Myrick. "Shine Bright" designed by Janice Averill.


Your Signature By the "X", Please
by Nancy Freeborn
quilted by Jonni Myrick

"Your Signature By the X, Please" was a class I took in Lancaster, PA (AQS). Kelly Ashton, the designer, was our instructor. I plan on having my grandchildren sign this quilt. The quilt is machine pieced. Quilted by Jonni Myrick.


Lei Nahele
by Robyn Maas

Many Hawaiian quilts are named after the lush and exotic island vegetation that inspired them. "Lei Nahele" is hand appliquéd and hand quilted in the traditional way. Pattern: Pacific Rim Patterns.


Pandas and Balloons
by Lynne R. Seitz

I've admired panda quilts before, so I made this pattern for myself. I wanted to use flannel ears for a soft, tactile feel for a baby. The pandas and balloons are hand appliquéd and the faces are hand embroidered.


Square Within a Square
by Veronica Haberthuer

Machine pieced, machine quilted, original design.

This quilt is for sale. Please see the membership desk at the main entrance for information.


Camouflaged Flowers
by Jetta Brewer Huber

Ricky Tims' Convergence exercise and some maverick machine quilting...


A Covey of Alaskan Birds
by Mary P. Lee

These blocks took 6 years to appliqué. The quilt is hand appliquéd and machine quilted.


A Warm and Merry Christmas
by Pat Schroder
quilted by Katy Neher

All kinds of critters enjoy the holidays.


A Dog's Life
by Jane Ferguson

Laser cut fusible appliqué design on pieced background. The design is one of the 2017 "Row By Row" blocks from Alaska. Pattern by Marie Noah for Northern Threads.


Lady With the Umbrella
by Glenda Burk

In January 2018, I joined an online group called "15 Blocks In 15 Weeks Mystery". All blocks were to be made from one jelly roll. My group chose to make two blocks each week, so we each ended up with 30 blocks to be made into a quilt. The jelly rolls I chose were the companion fabrics to the Monet center print. In the end there were too many blocks to work well with the center panel.


Umbrella Leftovers
by Glenda Burk

This quilt was made using the leftover blocks from a Jelly Roll Mystery Challenge. This was a challenge to make 15 blocks in 15 weeks using one jelly roll for all blocks. The other half of the blocks were used in "Lady With the Umbrella" quilt.


Strawberry Delight
by Pat Schroder
quilted by Darlene Appel

A cozy and nostalgic look back at mom's retro kitchen. Pattern by Benertex.


Kaleidoscope 1
by Chris Matiukas

I attended the Ricky Tims seminar in 2017 and thought I should try at least one of the techniques before I forgot everything. Luckily, I had his Kool Kaleidoscope Quilts book. This was a surprisingly simple and fun technique.


Harvest Treats
by Kay Baehr
quilted by Katy Neher

I purchased this "No-Measure Bargello" kit in 2014, and finished it for the 2018 Bucket List Challenge. The pattern designer, Wendy Mathson, made this an easy to follow technique.


Strippy Pinwheels
by Kay Baehr

I used batik scraps from my stash for this "Stripy Pinwheels" pattern from Tonga Treats Batiks.


City Garden
by Kate Beebe

A fabric panel with free motion thread work.

This quilt is for sale. Please see the membership desk at the main entrance for information.


Reason for the Season
by Kate Beebe

A simple design from a free piece of clip-art.

This quilt is for sale. Please see the membership desk at the main entrance for information.


Flying High
by Rosemary Slisz
quilted by Sue Dabrowski

Karon and I went to Albuquerque, NM for the balloon festival. The highlight of the trip was a balloon ride. The balloon fabric is a digital print. The back is Hawaiian dancers, a trip to Maui, where a luau was fun. This quilt is for Karon. Pattern is BQ2.


Asian Drums
by Marilyn Barnett
quilted by Katy Neher

Asian fabrics combine to create a warming lap quilt for a winter evening.


Hop on Pop
by Marjorie Seidler
quilted by Darlene Gladwell


Owl Tree
by Bonny Rivera

Machine pieced owls, quilted free motion, then added tree afterwards. Mod Owl class - quilt design by Bonnie Rivera.


Batik Stars in a Northern Sky
by Kathi Strawn

I learned the elliptical star technique from a class at a Houston Quilt Show about 15 years ago and I never got proficient enough at longarm or machine quilting. So I decided this year to quilt it by hand. Then I complicated it by adding constellations, galaxies, nebulas, comets, planets, etc.


Oh, the Places You'll Go, Alexander Roen!
by Bonnie Bladow

Using the Dr. Seuss panel "Oh the Places You'll Go", I created this baby quilt for my niece's son, Alexander Roen. My niece decorated the nursery around this Dr. Seuss book. Machine pieced and quilted.


Fresh Cut
by Kass Friend
quilted by Mary Lou Frahm

This is my first block of the month quilt. I love the character of the flowers, the colors in Sue Spargo's designs and doing the embellishment work.


by Wm. Adam Bauer III

To showcase a friend's poem, hand embellished, machine-written/quilted.


Dolphin Emerging
by Mary Gerken

After years of trying to make a dolphin quilt, my brother said "make it broader so it won't look like a rainbow trout". Voila! A 2-sided quilt.


Kitty Kaleidoscope
by ALCQ Comfort Quilts

This quilt is for sale. Please see the membership desk at the main entrance for information.


Purple Hearts
by Marilyn Galbraith
quilted by Jonni Myrick

"Purple Hearts" was made from a kit by Maywood Studios. The lap quilt log cabin pattern was made using dark and light purple, teal and gray flannel by Maywood Studios. The machine quilted heart design was done by Jonni Myrick.


Aloha Friends
by Deb Hardman

Jan Wills gave me this quilt top to quilt and finish just before she died. It is going to Mary Gerken as a thank you for all she had done for Jan.


Wild Things
by Marge Seidler
quilted by Darlene Glidewell

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