2018 Great Alaska Quilt Show Quilts: Large and Medium Quilts

100 Large Quilts


Rainbow for Arizona
by Glenda Burk

This was a strip quilt I saw on Pinterest. It was a fun project done at a small retreat in January, 2018. This one will go to Arizona to be used on our bed there.


Birds, Cats, Dogs, and Horses, Oh My!!
by Glenda Burk

In 2017, I made five quilts for the Valley Quilters to sell in their booth at the Alaska State Fair. The fabric given to me to make the quilts contained a lot of Laurel Burch designs. The scraps from those five quilts were used to make this king size bed quilt. 


Pink and Blue Flannel II
by Nancy Freeborn
Quilted by Jonni Myrick

I had made this quilt, only smaller, and used it for my retreat quilt. Now I have a larger version! The quilt is machine pieced. Quilted by Jonni Myrick.


JoAnn's 1998 Sampler
by Betty Rogers

I bought this pre-cut kit from a yard sale in Arizona. It is pieced and quilted by machine. The "Sun Bonnet Sue" block was missing, so I found a pattern and appliquéd the block. I found sashing and border fabric in my stash.


Hawaiian at Heart
by Betty Rogers

This quilt is for my brother who lives in Montana, but goes to Hawaii in the winter. The inspiration was some fabric I bought in Kona. This is machine pieced and quilted.


My Alaska
by Betty Rogers

This quilt is to commemorate my grandson, Thomas. It shows many animals of the state. I used Alaskan "Row By Row" kits and designed the center caribou myself. I machine pieced, appliquéd and quilted it.


Stars Galore
by Peggy Brewer
Quilted by Jonni Myrick

This quilt is a buck-a-block pattern by Dina's Cozy Cabin Quilts, 2012. It is my intention to give this to my brother, a Vietnam era veteran.


Be Creative, Live Out of the Box
by Harmony Moser and Sandy Riebe

An across-the-country quilt designed and pieced by sisters-in-law for a niece, Wendy Prosise. Each did blocks from material in own stash. Hand quilted by Harmony Moser. Harmony taught Sandy to quilt about 15 years ago while being cabin bound during a Seldovia summer. Our husbands apologize to each other frequently over our addiction!


Raven Lake
by Jacky Strong

Bonnie Hunter 2017 mystery quilt.


Parrot Paradise
by Jacky Strong

From the book Focus On Florals by Terry Martin. Terry is a high school friend. She challenged me to do the "Black Beauty" pattern in tropicals.


Sweet Dreams
by Jacky Strong

"My Blue Heaven" pattern by Bonnie Hunter.


Sparkle Star
by Jacky Strong

Carpenter Star block with three borders.


Sunflower Field
by Jacky Strong

An internet mystery quilt.


Rainbow Stars
by Marjorie Seidler
Quilted by Darlene Glidewell


My Alaska–From the Ocean to the Northern Lights
by Leslie Strand
Quilted by Jane Gair

The quilt has a variety of blocks representing Alaska. Machine pieced and quilted. The quilt was made as a college graduation gift for my son. He was born and raised in Anchorage.


This and That for Nic
by Susie Coates
Quilted by Melanie Brown

A block of the month from Quilt Tree done years ago, but like a lot of quilters, I had not put the blocks together until I did for my oldest grandson's high school graduation.


Winter Road Kill
by Deb Hardman

Inspired by finding bits along my walks in spring, I wrote this poem, embroidered it on strips of wool and randomly pieced wool blocks. Machine quilted.


Blue and Cream Sampler
by Mary Anctil
Quilted by JoAnn Gruber

This sampler quilt was made using the folded fabric technique making semicircles.

This quilt is for sale. Please see the membership desk at the main entrance for information.


Hawaiian Fun
by Karen D. Wegg

Tropical fabric from Hawaii was gifted to me by my sister, so I call it "Hawaiian Fun."

This quilt is for sale. Please see the membership desk at the main entrance for information.


Black and White and a Pinch of Red
by Katy Neher

This quilt is the result of a Row by Row Challenge in the Last Wednesday Quilt Group a couple years ago. I used the guild's Bucket List Challenge this year to commit to putting the rows into a finished quilt. The challenge was to not end up with a long, skinny quilt. I also tried a new technique when quilting - adding the binding while the quilt was still on the longarm. Rows were pieced by various members of Last Wednesday Small Quilt Group.


Double Wedding Ring
by Mary Huey

This quilt was hand pieced in the 1940's by my husband's grandmother, Mazie London, in DuBois, PA. It was given to me by my mother-in-law in the late 1990's. Over the course of several years I hand quilted it. It is a treasure!


Ombré Star
by Chris Matiukas
quilted by Jonni Myrick

This pattern by Hunter's Design Studio requires just one piece of ombré fabric. The design is formed by the careful placement of light and dark half square triangles.


The Village
by Mary Kay Sambo
quilted by Nancy Goodson

Kim McLean is the designer of "The Village". I loved the concept of the village being fenced off from the animals but still enjoying their beauty. Quilt houses and fence were machine pieced, all other motifs were hand appliquéd.


Happy Batiks
by ALCQ Comfort Quilts
quilted by Julie Lucht

Top pieced by Rosemary Slisz

This quilt is for sale. Please see the membership desk at the main entrance for information. 


Primary Colors
by ALCQ Comfort Quilts
quilted by Sue Sabrowski

Top donated by Diana Bradley.

This quilt is for sale. Please see the membership desk at the main entrance for information. 


Log Cabin Squared
by ALCQ Comfort Quilts
quilted by Sue Dabrowski

This quilt is for sale. Please see the membership desk at the main entrance for information. 

200 Medium Quilts


Monkeying Around
by Linda Postlethwait

I have found that people feel the same when it comes to sock monkeys and clowns; you can either take them or leave them. My father and youngest daughter liked them. Then again my daughter liked Curious George and had dreams of monkeys. My husband as a child had dreams about monkeys jumping a wall in his backyard and climbing up the side of his house. The back of the quilt represents these events. The name of the quilt was selected by my husband, which makes me wonder if I was fooling around too much when making this quilt. The monkeys are needle-turned appliquéd with stuffed stomachs. Machine quilted. Pattern: The Sock Monkey Quilt" by Cindi Jo.


Heaven Help Us
by Linda Postlethwait

This is a memory quilt that I made for several reasons: 1) My husband and I took a back road driving trip across the U.S. in 2015; 2) My husband has been to all 50 states; 3) My in-laws took several road trips in the U. S.; 4) My grandmother loved to travel and I have fond memories of her adventures; and 5) The quilt reminds me of times when the U. S. struggled but persevered, which is why I chose 1930's reproduction fabrics. The words "God Bless America" are hand embroidered. The quilt is hand quilted. Pattern by Flamingo Toes.


The Wisenheimers
by Linda Postlethwait

The hand embroidered trees accent the trees in the background fabric and help with the quilting of the blocks. The owls are machine quilted. Owl patterns by Darcy Ashton.

This quilt is for sale. Please see the membership desk at the main entrance for information.


by Linda Postlethwait

This quilt contains photos of pages from my mother-in-law's precious 7th grade sewing sampler notebook (1926). The quilt was a collaborating effort by my husband, who took the photos, and myself. The pages were done using the trapunto technique. The quilt is machine quilted.


Oh Buoy! Oh Buoy!
by Linda Postlethwait

During the summer of 2017 I experienced problems with my left hand (lost strength and two fingers bent). Being left handed, this was a serious problem. I decided to try doing needle-turn appliqué with my right hand. This quilt is the result of my effort. The rope used in the quilt was used when my family went halibut fishing. The quilt is machine quilted. Pattern: "Rockport Buoys" by Karen Gibbs.


Amalgamated Threads
by Jessica Noble

Birch trees have always inspired me, and I've had a quilt of them on my mind for some time. I started with the background several years ago, thinking I'd make stick straight trees. I then decided that was unrealistic looking - they need gentle curves and branches. Which led me to drive around town taking pictures of trees and making a full size pattern on freezer paper in order to get it aligned correctly. This project kept morphing the entire process. I've learned a valuable lesson: make a pattern FIRST and THEN cut out the pieces. I'm still not sure I'm not going to add leaves or flowers.


70's 9 Patch
by Katy Neher

This is the very first quilt I aspired to make. I started it in the early 70's. The simple patches were cut out using a cardboard square and scissors - no rotary cutter and rulers. The blocks were made from scraps from clothes I had made. I had fun quilting it using my Statler to design the quilting motifs. This was part of the guild's Bucket List Challenge this year.


Roll On Mystery
by Katy Neher

This was a Debby Caffrey mystery that was pieced in 2000 and custom quilted in 2018. I completed it as part of the guild's Bucket List Challenge this year.


Black and White and Red All Around
by Pat Schroder
quilted by Katy Neher

Black and white has always caught my eye. Fun to work with and enjoy when finished.


Egg Money Quilt
by Sandra Jo Bleicher
quilted by Sharon Hughes

I chose my fabrics with the help of Laurie, my good friend of 45 years. We spent hours in a Florida quilt shop making our selections. I am sure the staff was very happy when we finally put all those bolts of fabric away and actually made our purchases. Designed by Eleanor Burns.


In the Garden
by Marjorie Seidler
quilted by Darlene Glidewell

Designed by Lighthouse Quilts and Things.


Cadence Court
by Marjorie Seidler
quilted by Darlene Glidewell

Designed by Sassafras Lane.


A Man Cave Quilt
by Rosemary Slisz
quilted by Sue Dabrowski

A quilt for a neighbor who is always there when I need help. He has a man cave in his garage. Pattern from Keepsake Quilting.


Oh, the Places You'll Go
by Kathi Strawn

My daughter wanted me to make a world map quilt for her baby, my newest grandson, in 2 weeks for her baby shower - 11/2 years ago. I finished piecing in time (different fabric for each country), but it took me 2 years to figure out how to free motion quilt the oceans. I decided to quilt fish, whales, sharks in the water. Then added mammals, birds, insects, etc. on the countries and the border using my home sewing machine.


Fish Dreams
by Kathi Strawn

I chose fishing sashings and border for this buck-a-block quilt pattern from Dina's. Couldn't figure out how to quilt the blocks, so machine "drew" fish, sharks, etc. in each block and lures, flies, bobbers in each star. Longarm quiltedfish, sashings and border, home sewing machine quilted sashing edges.


Raspberry Sunrise
by Kathi Strawn
quilted by Jeanne Acton

Curved and New York Beauty piecing on a pre-cut pattern from a mystery quilt by Charlotte Angotti at Houston Quilt Festival. I couldn't see a pink quilt on my bed, so I made extra blocks and divided them between a twin and double for my granddaughters.


Scrappy Stars
by Jacky Strong
quilted by Karen Wegg

This is a Quilt of Valor and will be presented to a veteran returning from an Honor Flight on October 20.


Three Tours
by Marilyn Moreno
quilted by Katy Neher

This is a Quilt of Valor pattern. It is machine pieced and machine quilted. It is for my son who was in Afghanistan while in the Marines.


Sunflowers and Bees
by Margaret Gingerich
quilted by Katy Neher

When I saw the pre-cut strips on a quilt shop web site, I fell in love with thefabric - maybe because I was looking at those bright sunflowers on a dark, winter day. The pattern, "Bars of Gold" is from the book, Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott.


Stormy Weather
by Katy Neher

I made good use of a gift certificate for Missouri Star Quilt Company by purchasing a jelly roll in my favorite colors. I enjoyed piecing this at the last two ALCQ quilt retreats. Quilted using the Anne Bright Designs pattern "Surf". Piecing pattern from the book Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott.


Thimbleberries Sampler
by Mary Huey
quilted by Sharon DeBoer

This block of the month sampler was given to me by my husband. After several years, I finally finished it as part of the guild's Bucket List Challenge. Machine pieced - machine quilted by Sharon DeBoer. Pattern by Lynette Jensen of Thimberries.


Thimbleberries Village
by Mary Huey
quilted by Sharon DeBoer

This quilt is from a block of the month my husband gave me. I started it in 2000 and finished it this year as part of the guild's Bucket List Challenge. Machine pieced. Pattern by Lynette Jensen of Thimbleberries.


Hawaiian Water
by ALCQ Comfort Quilts
quilted by Katy Neher

Pieced by Beverly Glenn, quilted by Katy Neher.

This quilt is for sale. Please see the membership desk at the main entrance for information.


Plethora of Pink
by ALCQ Comfort Quilts
quilted by Glenda Burk

Pieced by Jetta Brewer Huber, quilted by Glenda Burk.

This quilt is for sale. Please see the membership desk at the main entrance for information.

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