Friday, November 17, 2017

November 16 Program and Show and Tell

During the guild's program meeting, members showed quilts and fiber art pieces to demonstrate the theme, "What? Not cotton?".

Glenda showed a small wall-hanging created as the result of a guild retreat class on burning holes in synthetic fabric.

Glenda showed this quilt made with polyester fabric.

Kate demonstrated her process of using ties to make Dresden plate blocks.

Katy's talents of quilting on leather are shown above and in the following two photos.

Kay showed this crazy quilt and the one pictured below. Both were made using polyester and wool fabrics.

Kay made this wall hanging mostly from silk dupioni.

Linda made this appliqué quilt using wool.

This bow tie quilt made by Linda used silk ties.

Linda made this silk tie quilt for her husband's retirement.

Linda made this wool quilt for her father-in-law.

Marilyn showed a "Sugan" cowboy quilt made of wool squares and hand tied.

After the program, members showed their recent quilt projects.

Delberta showed a child's quilt she made using a pattern she found on the "freebie" table.

These quilts were made for JBER children under age 6 whose parents have recently been deployed. It is a project sponsored by the Armed Services YMCA.

Lynne showed a string quilt she made.

Nellie made this wall-hanging for her military son.

Ruth showed a quilt which started as a table runner but grew.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

November 9 Night Group Christmas Stockings

The Night Group met on November 9 to fill Christmas stockings which members have made throughout the year as a service project. The filled stockings are donated to the Office of Children's Services, a division of the Alaska Department of Health and Human Services, which supports Alaska children and families.

100 Christmas stockings were made by ALCQ Night Group members and filled with donated items; such as,  Beanie Babies, toothbrushes, coloring books, school supplies, and lip balm.
These blocks were created by Night Group members in a pattern challenge presented by Olivia. They will be sewn together, quilted, and donated to Comfort Quilts.
Olivia created this cute quilt for her niece. Kim J. quilted it.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

November 2 Show and Tell

Carol showed this small quilt and stuffed animal, plus the one below, which she will donate to the guild's Teddy Bear Quilt service project.

This colorful quilt is a Comfort Quilt for the guild's on-going service project.

Kay, Robyn, Rena, and Darlene created memory quilts for the YMCA Armed Services project of giving quilts to children whose parent or parents are deployed.

Glenda has started interested guild members on a new challenge--a Roosting Row Quilt. Each month Glenda gives suggestions for that month--a color range, a technique, and an inspiration word. Glenda's December row is shown above. The December suggestions are roaring fire color, stars technique, and "wondrous".
Glenda showed her November row. The suggestions for November are roasted marshmallow color, curved piecing technique, and "bountiful".
This is Glenda's October row. The suggestions were salad greens color, appliqué technique, and "superstitious".

Jeanette has been finishing small projects to clean out her stash prior to an impending move.

This is another project which Jeanette finished.

Jeanette made these mini quilts following the techniques taught by Joan Ford during a class in September.

Jeanette made this small quilt for the Teddy Bear Quilt service project, as well as the one pictured below.

Sharon shows the results of learning a new technique from Robyn and Kay.