Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 15 Program: Travel Inspirations and Show and Tell

Travel was the theme for the May 15 program. Members were encouraged to bring examples of items they had bought on a trip and had used in quilting. Some told about their travels related to quilting. George remembers a trip to Africa in 1991 with nationally known quilters, Roberta Horton and Mary Mashuta. Also, he received honorable mention at a quilt show in England. Donna Evans has also traveled to Africa, which inspired her African quilts. 

As each member told about a location, Carol and Delberta placed dots on the world map to show what a well-traveled group we are.

Delberta and Carol explained that after some arm twisting by the program chairperson (thus the arm slings), they agreed to host the travel show and tell program.

While Delberta's husband was stationed in Germany in the service, she collected badges from their travels to various countries.

Carol's trips out of Anchorage have been to Whitehorse and Homer; however, a friend brought her this basket from abroad.

Darlene's first interest in quilting came while in San Francisco where she saw exhibits of Amish and Gees Bend quilts. She purchased this quilt in Hawaii when the sparkly eyes caught her attention.

Pat has traveled to Canada and Mexico. The Asian fabric she showed was given to her by a friend.

On one of her trips to Colorado, Debbie visited the quilt museum in Golden and bought fabric from a nearby quilt shop. She has started this piece for a friend.

When Jetta went to Peru, she bought a hand woven, llama wool hanging. Inspired by the pattern representing mountain crop terraces, she made her own quilt version.

Although she was raised in Australia, Robyn spoke about Creations Quilt Shop in Kerrville, Texas,  where she bought the Texture Magic to make this wall hanging.

While visiting family in Maine, Linda's grandson collected acorns and leaves which Linda preserved in glycerin and water and then glued to her quilt.

Linda's non-travel show and tell piece is her quilted appliqué portrait of Uncle Sam.

More quilters told about their travels. Marilyn G. remembers a quilt show at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D. C. Mary H. is inspired by Roberta's wall hanging of badges to make her own using buttons she has collected when skiing in various places. Lynn W. remembers the lack of quilt shops or anything else to buy when on a trip to Russia. Touring the Royal Academy of Needlework was a special experience in London. Betty B. likes the place where she and her husband stay on Maui because she can walk to a quilt shop. Margaret W. began quilting in Alabama.

Kay B bought sashiko kits in The Russian Tailor Quilt Shop in Skagway while on a motorhome trip with her husband.

Another motorhome traveler who likes to take handwork is Jeanette, whose Grandmother's Flower Garden piece is still a work in progress.

Jeanette is also working on applique from patterns she developed from a coloring book of Alaska flowers.

Mary B recently cruised to Panama where she bought a mola made by local Indians.

Kay F travels vicariously through frequent visitors from Norway. Betty R. often visits quilt shops during her travels throughout North America. Pat S. was born in Canada, has moved frequently and traveled frequently.

Shirley fondly remembers a trip to Australia; however, she has also found treasures near home, including a purse from Value Village, a found piece for a Teddy Bear quilt, and a scrap quilt from fabric given to her.

Jacky showed a Hugs and Kisses quilt for the Teddy Bear Tea project.

Sandy took a fabric dying class from Wendy, a fabric dyer at Sheep Mountain. Sandy herself will teach fabric marbling and doll making classes.

Margaret G designed an art quilt inspired by Antelope Slot Canyon near Page, Arizona. She showed the quilt both at the ALCQ program and later at the guild's retreat, where this photograph was taken.

Monday, May 12, 2014

10 Decades Quilt Entry Form

“A view of Anchorage in Fiber Arts”

Completed quilts are due JULY 1 but will also be received JULY 3 at the ALCQ business meeting or any ALCQ meetings prior to July.

Complete this form and submit a printed copy with your completed quilt to Peggy Brewer (2450 Highgate Cir.) on July 1; contact Peggy at 632-5901 to arrange delivery time.  Email a copy of the complete form (in MS Word) to Katy Neher at, please put 10 Decades and Counting in the subject line.
NAME__________________________________________PHONE #___________________
EMAIL: __________________________________________________________________
QUILT TITLE:_______________________________________________________________
NARRATIVE:  Write a brief narrative (maximum 250 words) of the event, place or person depicted in your quilt and what this means to you and/or Anchorage.  The committee reserves the right to edit and/or request more information.

Friday, May 2, 2014

May 1 Show and Tell

After the regular ALCQ business meeting, members showed their latest handiwork.

Jackie held up an appliquéd wall-hanging created by Susie C.

Kate B. showed samples she made in a class on crayon batiks while she was traveling in Iowa.

Gail R. showed one of her bicycle-themed wall-hangings.

Glenda B. created the quilts shown above for her grandchildren. She had taken them to a quilt shop and told them to pick out fabric for their quilts. Her grandson, unhappy about having to go to a quilt shop, chose the theme of a computer game.

Kay F has been busy making not only beautifully stitched appliqué quilts, but also sewing a tablet cover and a mini-quilt.

After Mary's husband had watched her make so many small quilts for the guild's Teddy Bear Tea, he asked her to make him a quilt. She created this quilt for him.

Shirley enjoys finding "treasures" that others have discarded and giving them new life.

This baby quilt was made by a new guild member.

Jane's fireweed quilt will add a cheerful spot of color to anyone's wall.

Sandy showed two of the dolls she has made. She announced that she will again give lessons to anyone interested on the fourth Thursday sew and chat.

The next guild meeting will be on May 15--a Travel Show and Tell program. Members are asked to bring an item found on a trip, to show something made using that item, and to tell about the item's inspiration for the quilter.