Thursday, August 15, 2013

Program-"Pillow Talk"

Barbara Clinton put together the August program. She pulled members from the guild up to help her get it started. She listed 12 reasons to make a pillow...

Members had been asked to bring pillows for show & tell. Robyn started it out with a pillow she made with her first Hawaiian Applique'.

Katie N. had a pillow made by her Mom, from one of her own old quilts. Each block was cut & made into a pillow for each grandchild. This one had belonged to Katie's daughter who has since passed away.

Barbara showed a cat pillow....

& this "Cosmetics" bag that she had made as a prop for her daughter in an ice-skating competition.

Gail Ramsay had a kitty pillow that was painted on canvas & sewn by her Mom.

Shirley S. picked this furry pillow up at the local Pioneer Home.

Rosemary S. Had 2 pillows made by her mother.

Jetta had this embroidered pillow sham that her mother made,

Her mom also made the square pillow,

Jetta , herself made the round pillow above..
Marilyn G. had a pillow made by her Aunt.
Below, Mary B. bought this pillow on a trip around the world. It came from Napal.


Peggy B, made this log cabin pillow as one of her very first attempts at patchwork.
She also showed this Yo-yo pillow,

& a Folded Star.

Doris Rhodes, lifetime member & historian, brought some memories of her world travels.

& a pillow from her friend & fellow guild member Irene S.
Louise B. had a pillow she made from 1/4 squares! Click on the picture to see it closer!


                 Betty B. brought a pillow made by her niece  from her had chennille -flannel fabric.
Irene Stewart showed one of her pounded flower pillows.

Rena shared one of her early works.
Regular Show & Tell kicked off with Ruthe showing a bag she started in the Eleanor Levie class, & a vest she made in a class she taught.

She alsodid this "Yum-Yum Ice Cream" quilt.

& a little embellished piece.

& a block that will soon be a pillow.

Barbara C, made an autumn leaf quilt for the Auction.

New member Elizabeth joined a few weeks ago & got inspired to make this quilt top from mostly fabric given to her by other members. Elizabeth is from Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Bonnie did this traupunto piece for the auction.

Katie N. had 2 quilts for the auction.

The pansy was printed from her own photo on to the fabric, & thread painted.

Shirley pulled a UFO out of one of the give-away boxes, & finished it.

She also found this block in the box, & made it into a little quilt for a teddy-bear friend.

This beaded piece she called "Ladies Gone Fishing".

Barbara R showed one of Gail Ramsey's quilts, "Night Blooms", that she purchased at Gail's show at the Quilted Raven.

& this is Barb's silk quilt done with machine embroidery quilting, & buttons that she dyed herself.
Deb Hardman took here white traupunto feather quilt & found it boring so she colored it with crayons & pens.

Regina, the finisher bound 3 more comfort quilts.

Below are some of the auction quilts turned in.


These 2 were by Kate B.

Louise B. "She Quilts"

Jana P. made this girl for the auction.

Irene S. made this Poppies quilt .