Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Theme quilt day

The Sew Fine Quilters sponsored a "Snow Thee Quilt Day" Show & tell. Rena Brinker started it out by showing a "Snowball" block quilt pieced using "Bow Tie" blocks. She bought it at a garage sale & says this is how NOT to piece a simple snowball block quilt.

Joyce Webster stopped in to show several of her snow man embroidered quilts & works in progress.

Next, Marie Fujimura showed a snowman quilt she made for her daughter to commemorate her week of winter camping.

When her daughter became a teacher, she made this sign for her to hang on her door, using snowman fabric.
Marie also showed 2 comfort quilts made with snow themed fabrics.

Margaret Gingerich showed a quilt she did with hand applique' & hand quilting using a pattern.

Linda Postelwaite showed 2 of her snow quilts.

Susie Coates shared this one.

Babara Clinton showed this one.

The Sew Fine group cut several pieces of fabric & asked members to bring back blocks
12 1/2x" 12 1/2 " to the next meeting, so they can be put together into more comfort quilts.

Deb Hardman showed some of her snowflake quilts.
These 2 both Glow-in-the-dark.

Shown under black light. All done free motion.

Susie Coates made this little door hanger.
Kay Fiero did this sweet embroidery pillow.

& this floral quilt from a pattern she found.

Jane Ferguson did a Pineapple quilt for the Teddy bear Tea.

She also made this cat block.
Ruthe Rassmussen made these Santa plaques,

& this outhouse quilt.

Pat Schroeder made 2 teddy bear quilts,

& a comfort quilt from blocks in our stash.
Margaret Gingerich showed this doggie quilt.

Marie Fujimura showed 2 more comfort quilts.

Regina Dalton had some teddy quilts too.

Pat Sims had a quilt that was originally made by Janelle Cohen as just a top & back without batting. Pat received several of Janelle's pieces when she died. Pat took this one & put batting inside & quilted it, & is donating it to be a Teddy Bear quilt.

Susie Jelle made lap top covers & small doll quilts

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