Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 7 Show & Tell

Pam Harris showed 2 of her Fast Friday challenge quilts.

January is here & the bears & their friends are starting to gather in anticipation of their February Tea Party.

Show & Tell had lots of comfort quilts today.

These first 5 photos are quilts donated & finished by Lynnette Motz.

The bowties above are the cheater print back to the quilt below.

These are back & front too.

This was a Night group project, quilted by Pam Harris.

Linda Postelwaite showed a poster she had made of her own quilt. She said the quilt was too big to keep out, but she wanted to be able to enjoy this hanging on her wall as a reminder of her stunning (my word not hers) quilt.

Linda brought her November "Turkey" quilt, all finished. No longer can she call it a turkey.

Here is a surprise she added to it.

She also showed her Shashiko project.

And her snowflake quilt. (Does she ever sleep?)

Ruthe Rasmussen showed her little Shashiko "Mug bag". She keeps a little tea towel & coffee mug in it, to use where ever she goes, to help the environment, by not using Styrofoam cups!

I think that's Barbara Clinton, hiding behind this comfort quilt top that she pieced because she was "horny to sew", (HER words, not mine).

Harmony Moser showed a Teddy Friend quilt that she made. It was also announced that Harmony will be our featured quilter in September at the show.

She made this quilt to cover her fireplace when not in use.

Katheryn Boulch showed her "Ladies in the Garden" quilt. A pattern by Jo Martin.

She also shared her "Black and Bright" quilt.

This is a quilt for Catholic Social Services.

Irene Stewart shared a reversible bag she got from a friend for Christmas.

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