Thursday, September 10, 2009

August Meetings Photos

Your regular Web mistress was gone for August, so thanks to Margaret Gingerich the following photos are being posted. I am afraid I may have them a little out of order, working from email to posting was a little confusing, but THANK YOU MARGARET FOR YOUR HELP!!!
Kay Fiero and Linda Postlethwait demonstrate using a tack gun to secure a quilt sandwich.
Mary Lee show & tell.
George Taylor gives suggestions to Darlene Appel and Mary Huey while Elaine Fergen looks on.

The August 20 program topic was proper technique for sandwiching a quilt for hand quilting. Doris Rhodes has donated a large quilting frame to the guild. The quilt top of the demonstration quilt was pieced by former member, Valerie Zinn, who has passed away. Guild members will hand quilt this special quilt and offer it as a raffle quilt in 2010.

Harmony Moser and Darlene Appel pin the edges of the sandwich while Elain Fergen watches.

In the background of the above photo is one of Doris's own quilts. The detail photo below of her Fleur-de-lis quilt show Doris's beautiful hand quilting. She made very clear that this is not a Hawiian quilt pattern; it is an applique of the French symbol.

Jane Ferguson gave Doris flowers as a thank you from the guild for Doris's generosity with her quilting frame and her fabric stash.

As Harmony Moser bastes the sandwiched quilt, a seated Doris Rhodes supervises. Marge McLaughlin, Louise Bremner, and Kay Fiero watch.
Rena Brinker.

Robyn Maas showed her donation to the small quilt auction and two variations of the stack-'n-whack technique.

Barbara Clinton showed donations for the small quilt auction.

Ruthe Rasmussen has completed the mystery block challege from the quilt retreat last May.

Ruthe also took a class in which she created two table runners from the same fabric.Pat Schroder showed a stack-'n-whack quilt.
Delberta Trevithick showed quilts for the small quilt auction from the night group.

Marilyn Moreno showed a quilt made in a mystery quilt class and a donation for the small quilt auction.

Mona Havelock was delighted and proud to show the quilt she has worked on for several years. It was pieced and quilted by hand. Since she is often asked how long it takes her to make a quilt, she kept track of the time she spent on the hand quilting--171 hours.

Linda and Kay showed little snap clutches they made using metal tape measures.

Marge McLaughlin showed her recent accomplishment.

Harmony Moser had just returned from spending the summer at her family's cabin in Seldovia. She experimented with fish and fern printing.

Harmony also took a class on using fish skins for making baskets. Her basket utilized the entire fish head. We can expect more of these from her since she brought a cooler full of fish skins home to work with during the winter.

Yes, Harmony still does traditional quilting. She showed her small wall-hanging, also made at the guild retreat in the mystery quilt challenge. Harmony attributes the discrepancy in size of her block (Ruthe's blocks are the original pattern size) to being much disoriented from antibiotics and an illness. We all thought she had a fortuitous mistake in cutting her pieces.

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